Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sers Order

 Hey there! How are you all doing? I hope you are well. I have been rocking and rolling with my bags. This is a great set I made for S. Sers. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I am especially wild about the little quilt.

 I incooporated the pen pocket onto the side of the bag. I love knowing where my pens are when I need them. She can also stick knitting needles in them if she is a knitter...or maybe she wants to look like a knitter? Never know. I just learned to knit and I have needles everywhere! I need to make myself a knitting bag, huh?

 My dear husband took pictures for me. I am not wild about inside pictures of ACU bags because the details I have worked so hard to include just fade away.

 I used some really great fabric with this bag. I bet some of you recognize Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley. Well, you are right! This collection ranks right up with my top 10 favorite fabric collections!
 And it goes so well with with the ACU. Anything goes with camouflage, but this does look super nice.

 I really am thrilled with how this little quilt turned out. I made some wonky churn dashes, which I really love...I had a vision of making about 25 of these little blocks but I had to give myself a mental slap and remind myself that this was going to be a diaper changing pad. Poop will get all over it! It totally is washable and the poop will come right out, but seriously, this only costs $20. Why am I putting hours and hours of work into something that only costs $20.

 I both machine and hand quilted it. I hope it is loved and pooped all over and washed a zillion times. Then I hope it becomes art and Sommer hangs it up somewhere. I have these little quilts hanging all over my house.
 The quilting is pretty, if I do say so myself. I used a very thin cotton batting and grey cotton thread to do the quilting. The back is a natural muslin.

 The last item of the order was an Emma backpack. I love making these bags. I had my Sam be my model right before dinner.

 So, the Emma is made with a lower leg of a pair of pants. I also used one of the arm pockets so he could stick his daddy's patches on the bag.

 So you fancy yourself a crafty person? I bet you are! You can make yourself one of these bags. I made a pattern for you to follow. It is totally easy and you can do it!  You can fine the pattern in my SHOP.
 There is a strip of pile tape (Velcro) for a name tape on the back of the bag.

I lined the bag with stars, the pocket is lined with stripes. It is a wonderfully patriotic backpack. This was a great order. I loved sewing for Sommer!

Have a great evening!


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Sers said...

Tia, I think it turned out amazing!! Thanks so much for all your hard work and creativity ;)They are so unique and special and we will treasure them always ;)

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