Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ode to bacon

 Do you like bacon? I like it as much and the next person...or at least I did until I discovered the local butcher. Mikulik Sausage over on South Oakes and AVE N. Even their name is fabulous. How do you say that? Normally we just refer to them as the scary bacon butcher. I am pretty sure I have mentioned them before. I normally take my visitors to the shop. A, because they make the best bacon in the world and B, because I have never been to a shop like theirs before. From the outside the building looks abandoned. Like a run down bar (which it was). But they have done zero improvements to the building. You have to pay with cash and if you want fresh eggs you have to be on a list.

I tried to take food pictures, but frankly bacon and sausage is not an attractive thing to photograph. I probably could have set the pictures up better...but that would have been too much drama. I made lentil soup last night and I wanted to add this bacon. I was late getting to the shop, so it was a total gamble if I would get any bacon at all. Well, happily enough I did! I was able to buy the last pack. 2 people came in while I was paying and wanted bacon, but since I bought the last there was none to be had. They gave me the stink eye. I felt the need to defend myself. "I am only buying one pack! The man before me bought 6." Anyway I will be stock piling bacon until my family gets here for Christmas. My dad LOVES the stuff. He tried to stop by on his way out of town last time there were here and pick some up for the trip back home to NC (they have a tiny airstream trailer) but the shop was closed.

Anyway if you are ever in San Angelo, you really must try their bacon and sausage. Try the regular sausage...the jalapeno is really too hot to eat. I had heartburn for days. Put it in soup and you will be in soup heaven.



Hoola Tallulah said...

Haha you do make me chuckle. Bacon is great! We like bacon too, with a "full english" and hot buttered toast. All this talk of bacon is making m hungry...

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

okay heres a little confession. ive never had Bacon.. no lie.
I love to hear/read about it though.. For me, its kinda like watching people eat live octopus on TV.
same thing with shrimp... :) I never get tired of watching people stick shrimp in their mouths... Never!

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