Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Texas Weekend

 Hey there! So, this post is really kinda for my family back in NC (and Laura in CA) you are welcome to read if you like, so you can see a bit about what we did last weekend.

Sharon had her sheep unveiled at the Main Gate of Goodfellow AFB. I really wish I had better pictures, but my batteries ran out right as they were taking off the wool blanket. It was insanely windy so everyone looks like they are standing inside a hairdryer...but they weren't. It was just another typical day in the West Texas Wind.

 I got to watch this sheep develop from busted up fiberglass to the best sheep in San Angelo. Sharon did an AMAZING job. You really need to stop by the base and take a look if you are ever in town.

 We drove down to the Concho river...."they " drained this part of the river, so it looked funny and Emma insisted on taking some pictures.

 Saturday was Community appreciation day at Goodfellow AFB. Did you know that this AFB trains firefighters? This is where the magic happens.

 It is fun to watch fires being put out. From our house we can see the smoke most mornings while the firefighters train, but it was much better to see everything up so close!

 Another shot of the firemen. Do you know what I think when I see firemen? Well, I think about what kind of bag I would make with their pants. I have requested some (from the wives of the firemen...I don't want to sound like a pervert) so I can make something special. It is not as easy to get firemen pants as it is to get regular military clothing.

 One last look at the fire.

 Here Ethan and I are (and a bit of Emma). We are watching the Army folks do their thing. I missed this demonstration last year because I had a booth at the Christmas market. It was great to see.

 These folks are pretending to be bad guys and one of the good guys will call for help and the US troops come and save the good guys.

 I know that this is just practice, but they did a great job. I wish more people could have seen it.

 After it was all over my kids helped collect the brass (bullet casings).

 The boys went for a little hike while Emma and I went to see Breaking Dawn 1. Emma loved it, I thought they totally could have just done both parts as one movie instead of breaking it up. The closeups were quite tiresome and some parts were just too cartoony. Overall I would recommend you just wait until it comes out on Netflix. But Emma Loved it! So if they were marketing for the tween audience, they nailed it!

 Emma wanted to try out my long arm, so I let her quilt on the batting beside my zig zag quilt. She had a blast! Maybe I have my first employee.... just kidding. The thread broke and it freaked her out some.

Anyway, that is a snapshot of our weekend. I hope yours was good and if you are getting ready for thanksgiving I hope you have a very blessed one!


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