Monday, December 12, 2011

Full Weekend

 Do you ever feel like you are playing make believe? I do sometimes. Sometimes my life doesn't seem real to me. I was whimpering a bit to my husband the other day about how cold it got out in the garage. I was not unhappy in any way since I got to wear my big wooly sweater and my fancy wool well as my daughters seal fur slippers. But the next evening I found a cute little heater in my quilting studio. How sweet is my husband to go out an find me a heater to keep warm. It is such a fantasy for me to be able to do what I completely LOVE. I get to spend my days sewing (and cooking and cleaning and laundry - but I like that too).

 This is the quilt I am working on right now. I am not totally sure what I am going to do in the blue sashing...but it will come to me eventually. Every other Dresden has a feathery Vine like this one in the center. The other Dresden plates will have something special in them as well. I am pretty wild for feathers and vines right now.

 It is getting cold here, so I moved my front porch plants inside my garage. Along with the bikes and Emma's Art supplies. I may move the bikes back outside and set up an extra bed, so my little sister has a place to stay when she comes out for Christmas. It is nice and warm now that there is a heater out there.

 I picked up my 820 yesterday from Killeen Quilt and Sew. I bought my very first Bernina (and my second one too) from them way back when we were stationed at FT Hood. Jerry is giving my sewing machine all he has, but he still can't figure out what is wrong with it. It makes a quiet alarm sound after I have had it on for about 30 minutes. He wants to replace the "L Plate" one more time. I just want my sewing machine to work. The folks at Killeen Quilt and Are are awesome! If you live nearby, you should go buy your sewing machine from them.

Can I say again how MASSIVE Fort Hood has become? Holy Cow! I feel like the tiny country mouse going to visit the big city. Now getting there is no thrill. We played frogger with herds of deer, Seriously, there are so many deer along 190. In a way I wanted Stu to hit one so we could jump out and field clean it and make venison stew. And maybe some sausage. I guess the deer knew I wanted them to put in my soup pot, so they all survived. But next time I am going to kill them. Really I will. I have a couple knives in my van (and some plastic bags) just in case. That sounds kinda "Dexter" doesn't it? Oh well, it is true.

And finally....I am making 4 loaves of this bread. It looks pretty good so far. I used Sharons awesome red hard winter wheat...and her wheat grinder.  Don't judge me!  I know my oven is not super clean, but with as much cooking as I do it just remains kinda gross. I will clean it before my parents get here! Don't worry!

Have a great rest of your weekend! Wait I need to pick a winner of my fabric scraps! I will in a bit.



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erica said...

so *thats* what you are supposed to do with outdoor plants! Mine are just sitting on my front porch dead! lol

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