Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas break starts today

 Hey there. I hope you are all doing well. I have a cold. But I did make a really big Texas quilt top. It is for a client stationed in Italy (I think) A bit of home for her.

Here is a big Alaska flag quilt I made for a friend here in town. It is my take on the Alaska flag...I didn't feel like appliqueing 5 point stars, so I made them  8 point stars. I can't wait to quilt these tops, but they have to wait for me to finish the big quilt that is on the frame right now. Hopefully I will have that finished today (if I get a move on).

 Michelle and Martha came over yesterday for a bit of sewing while their little ones were in mommy's day out. Michelle wanted to make a zip wallet for her budgeting (she uses some sort of budgeting system where she puts cash in envelopes for the month- the name escapes me). Martha is working on a quilt for her dad out of his Hawaiian shirts. Since Michelle wanted to work on the zip wallet, she used one of my featherweight machines and Martha used my little Bernina to practice free motion quilting.

 Martha also helped me make bird bodies for Emma's class Christmas party. What a help Martha was.

I brought my little featherweight to the class and sewed the tails closed after the kids stuffed them. We had a really good time (I know this picture looks like I was all alone in a classroom, but I didn't want to put kids pictures on my blog without their parents permission) For many of the children it was the first time they had ever seen a sewing machine. It was very fun.

OK, my long arm is calling! Have a great day folks.


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