Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some of the last bags finished before Christmas sewing begins.

 Let me show you a couple bags I have finished before my Christmas sewing begins. The first one is a Hero Bag I made for the Widow of Marine Sgt. Frank World. She wanted a gold star on the bag and the fabrics to be some of the tattoo fabric as well as something quite Marine. I went with red solid interior and some marine blue. I thread painted the gold star onto the bag closure. I have saved the arms of this top and some of Amy Butler's Love fabric (that Amy sent me last year for my Hero Quilts) to make her little kids a Hero quilt. They will still be able to cuddle up in their fathers arms, even if he will no longer be here to hold them.

 The next order is 2 Camp Follower Bags for Air Force Lt Poe. I made a bag for both his mom and his wife. He is stationed here in town and saw and apron I was wearing at a fund raiser and initially wanted 2 aprons, but when he came to the house to place his order and drop off his uniforms he saw some of the other bags I made and changed his mind.

Can you tell which set is for his mom and which is for his wife?  I had a great time making these bags as he just suggested a color for his wife and one for his mom and the rest was up to me. That is my kind of sewing! The yellow Stu Tote is for his bride and the red one is for his mother.

I think this little zipper pouch is one of my very favorite bags I make. I have them scattered all over my house full of different projects and "things". I have so many my husband and daughter have begun pinching them and filling them up with their treasures or just their "things".

OK, I am getting ready to do my book review of  Sarah Fielke's Quilting From Little Things. It is one of the very best quilt books I own, so please check back in a bit for it.

Have a great rest of your day!

Tia Curtis


Hoola Tallulah said...

Gorgeous! The quality and incredible attention to detail is so evident in your bags Tia, I love, love, LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

I really love the work you do. That little zippered pouch is perfect for little treasures!

YOLO said...

Its an innovative idea.Thanks for sharing such.

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