Sunday, January 29, 2012

I made the best find today!

 Today was a great day. How was yours? I hope it was as good as mine was. I do want to hear about your day...but call me or write me and tell me about it...or think about it real hard and maybe I will dream about it tonight.

So, I have a favorite antique shop here in town. I love it. When you come visit we will go, don't worry. It is right across the street from M. Leddy. M. Leddy makes handmade boots. They cost a small fortune, and we don't get paid enough  to afford a pair. Actually it is kinda perspective putting to go in and look around. The folks who own the business and work there are the best you will ever meet. They are wonderfully friendly, and love nothing more than to take you on a tour of the work floor. Generations of boot makers have worked at Leddy Boots since 1922. Truly a Texas institution. They can do with a boot what I can do with a quilt. They use theses ancient Singer sewing machines and quilt away on leather...all sorts of leather (everything except anteater). No, really. Their leather room makes my fingers ache to fondle and pet. Which they let me worries. Anyway, after the tour (which is not really a tour ((more of a one on one)), since no one comes to visit San Angelo, TX) you look at the boots with a new appreciation. But be warned...the boots cost a fortune. Like $2,600.00 easy. If I designed my own I am pretty sure they would run well above $5,000. Needless to say I have not commissioned Leddy to make me some boots. BUT I have been on the lookout for a cheap pair! And today I found them! Hot dog. They are a bit long, so I will wear thick socks.

 And a bit 1970s with that white piping, but I could care less. I will go to Leddy boots sometime next week and find out who the boots were made for, and have the tops stretched some. My calves are more developed than the lady who wore them before me.

 I also decided to take out some of my old quilt blocks. I got these from the same antique shop I bought my boots from. Not the same day....I do pace myself, I do love to rummage through the quilt block basket, and yes I do organize it. Heck they know who I am and call me after a particularly quilty estate sale. Oh hell, I have taken in quilts from these ladies to mend. 

I am quilting a top for LauraJ. That is it on the frame. The 4 hanging up are tops I bought from the awesome antique shop, well one I took as payment for quilt mending. Stupid I know...but I just couldn't leave it behind.

Have a great rest of your weekend! I have so many wonderful things to sew on this weekend. I wish you happy crafting, folks.



Amy said...

When you take the boots in to have them stretched, see if they'll dab some leather dye on the piping for you while they're at it. I have no doubt that they would be happy to oblige, but it they don't you can get a bottle of almost any color you want from Dharma Trading Company pretty cheap. I get all my leather supplies from DTC and have always been pleased.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the muffin recipe. I made it over the weekend and they were awesome. Awesome in spite of the changes I made. Did not have an apple so used chunky applesauce. Used grated carrots that were in the freezer waiting for next soup. Added extra coconut because it didn't leave enough in the bag to keep so what the heck. Used Craisins instead of dried cherries because they were just on the shelf waiting to be used. Used walnuts because I didn't have almonds. I did stick to the basic ingredients with no changes. This is an awesome recipe that you can change the fruit and nuts to your taste. I put a dozen in the freezer and grabbed on this morning for breakfast. They freeze beautifully. This is a recipe that I will use and experiment with a lot. The first muffin recipe in all my years of baking that I will make a second time.

Love your blog and have been reading it for several years. Not sure how I found you - probably stumbled over from Lazy Gal Quilting.

Love your bags and continue to be impressed with each new creation. You are so creative and it's a treat to see both the bags and quilts. Not sure how you get it all done.

It's like a little gallery show when you post your photos.

Thanks again!

the Campfollower said...

I am so happy you liked those muffins! They really are fabulous. It is a wonderfully versatile recipe.

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