Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Duncan Order

 Good Morning! How are you doing? I have a very pretty Camp Follower Bag order to show you this morning! This bag and baby quilt is for C. Duncan. I have sewn for her in the past and I feel like I know her since we have emailed back and forth so many times over the years. I made this quilt for her and I made this Stu tote for her when I was in Australia. Claudia was so sweet and sent my kids little treats from Germany (Kinder Eggs are pretty much our favorite chocolates in the world) . Thank you so much Claudia! Emma rationed the gummies out to the boys over about a week and all the erasers are played with at homework time.

So, this time she just wanted me to do whatever I wanted with her order, but she did want Joel Dewberry's Heirloom in the orange and blue and a messenger strap for her Stu. Oh, and she wanted the inside with no cammo whatsoever so when it is turned inside out it will not look like an Army bag. That is good op sec when you are living overseas.

 I had a great time quilting this bag and putting it together. I think it is very pretty. The orange is such a happy shade.

 There is a little cell phone pocket on the side, or a key pocket...whatever you want to stick in it really.

 Here the bag is inside out. You probably can't see it, but there is a long quote up the strap. I free hand quilted it since my fancy sewing machine is STILL in the shop.

 I made the little pockets stick out a bit with some boxing of the corners.

 Here is the bag and the quilt and a doll I made. I am making a tutorial for this little rag doll. They are so nice to make. Emma has been pulling fabric to make dresses for her doll. So if Emma can be inspired to show interest in sewing I am sure your little girl will too!

 See, here she is a bit closer. I am not much a clothing I intentionally left some of the seams raw on her dress...I may still finish them before I mail this order out...I am on the fence about the finished design.

 As you may know, I am a bit mad for Welsh quilting now and will use any excuse whatsoever to use it. I put a loose Welsh cable and some arcs on this quilt.

 Isn't that such a happy bag? I love it and I hope it brings much happiness to it's new owner.

Oh and here I am. Sitting in my cat scratched sewing throne. My friend is doing an article on me for an Air Force publication and I liked the pictures she took. I had a bit of a hair cut last week (from a Marine wife in the neighborhood) and my hair is so happy now.

So, now I have a couple other Camp Follower orders and 3 Hero orders to work away on....and some lovely quilts! It is good to be sewing again!

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Claudia said...

I am completely, totally, crazy in love MAD for this set!!!! Have I told you that ALL campfollower bags are still in rotation? My first STU is my 'teacher' bag that comes to school everyday, my second is my traveling bag (It's my "go" hospital bag for this new bean's arrival) and Becky is my thrift store companion (hands free for sorting through treasures!) I have a feeling that the so called changing pad you made is going to be a wall hanging =) There's no way poop is getting near that lovely quilt! You are wonderful Tia!

the Campfollower said...

AWESOME Claudia!!!! I will send it out today! You know I love sewing for you and I am thrilled you are still using all the bags I have made for you in the past. That just warms the cockles of my heart.

NurseBrandy said...

Wow! This is fabulous!
Do I understand correctly that it is one bag and is reversible? Is there a pattern for the bag? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!


rossana9041 said...

Love seeing your work!

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