Friday, January 13, 2012

Inconvenience Always.

It seems I spoke too soon with the last blog post. I was having a bit of drama with the machine, it seemed a bit more loud than I remember it being...but you know how it is when you use a machine after using a different one for a long time? So I just thought that was all it was. Nope. It seems Fedex banged it around (it was dropped off on it's side, so that was a big indicator) and messed up the sensors behind the stitch lengthen knob. It also breaks thread with every 20 stitches. That is a pain in the ass. I have this hope that this time it will work! This time I am actually going to get to sew! Nope.

It is on it's way BACK to Kansas to be fixed yet again. I have not sewed on my 820 for a good solid day since the 6th of October. That is one of the reasons I have not taken new orders for bags in what seems like years. I do have a very good Bernina to sew with and my other old girls (2 featherweights and a Necchi). So I have been working a bit on the bags...between trying to figure out why my 820 was not working right.

Here is my advice to you...if you want to go buy a fancy Bernina 820 sewing computer. Make sure you are close to a REAL Bernina repair center. Make sure they know what they are doing and have worked on 820s before. There is nothing like sewing with an is such a joy and effortless, but when something is wrong with one of the sensors or one of the computer boards you will NOT be able to mend it yourself. You just won't. It will have to back to the shop. There is nothing around that. I want to go to Bernina school so I can fix my own sewing machine. Really I do. If we live anywhere where there is a Bernina shop next time we move I am want to go be a repair person. I hate not knowing how to fix my sewing machine.

Needless to say I am very frustrated...and somewhat confrontational. I had it out with the commissary manager about his lack of hearing aide batteries the other day. I marched him over to where they ought to be and demanded to know why he thought it was OK for the store not to have any. I am a bit embarrassed by my behavior, but not really enough to apologize. I needed to get batteries for Emma's hearing aides. I am absolutely NOT a confrontational person. Confrontations give me a belly ache....but if a confrontation is needed I can put up. I must seem bigger than I am.  Anyway, I told him he should post a new motto on the front of the store "Inconvience Always"

"Inconvenience Always" is a powerful motto you know? Not Sometimes....ALWAYS. My husband told me that should be my motto since I can't ever seem to do things the normal easy way. He has a point. I wish I could do things the easy way.  But I am not an easy road kind of gal. Sharon pained me a family crest with my new motto. It is hanging in my house.

Ok, I need to get my other sewing machine back out. Keep your fingers crossed for my 820.


Anita said...

I am so sorry to hear that you are still fighting with the 820. I've often wanted to go to repair school too. I had to take my straight stitch machine in to have the timing reset and they charged me $160 + tax!! Oy! I asked if I could buy the tools to do it myself and they said they were $400. I'd already spent half of that. Luckily, the timing doesn't go out very often and I'll try even harder to not let it happen because that is a lot of dough!

Hope you get your machine back quicker than usual... and all fixed up!

Katie said...

Oh no. It upsets me so much when my machines don't work. My SIL works for UPS and I'm told the conveyors move upt to 70mph! I don't know how we receive anything in one piece. Best of luck to you! said...

I am thanking my stars that I live less than half an hour from my Bernina dealer. Their service department is good. I just took mine in for cleaning and tune up. I didn't do that regularly with my other one but I don't want any issues with this one. I think it is better to keep things working well, so I took it in. I, too, wish I were qualified for more fixing. I'd like to be able to take the shell off and vacuum the fluff out. I know it gets in there...
I do hope the issues with yours get worked out.

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