Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My sewing machine is back! Gosh I missed it.

 So, I have been pretty scarce around here right? Well, it has been because my Beautiful Bernina 820 has not worked correctly since the beginning of October. To me that was like having a broken leg and being an Olympic runner. I rely on my sewing machine to work all the time anytime I need it. I do have a back up, but I want my big gun to work with! It is really such a joy to sew with. I have made 4 trips to Killeen, TX to have it worked on only to have new and different problems with the machine each time I got it home. To put it lightly I was very disappointed and enormously frustrated. Well, I called Jamie (at the Kansas City Bernina Shop where I bought the machine) on Christmas Eve and told her about what was happening. She told me to send it back to them and see what they could do. I did, and I finally have it back with me. All seems to be working well enough, it is still making it's funny subtle alarm, but maybe that is the new normal now? It is sewing well and quilting beautifully, which is it's job so that makes me happy.

 I immediately opened the box and set it up because I had a quilt ready to go! I am making an Amish Bar Quilt for a class I am offering here in town. It is only 60 inches square so it is just right for quilting on this machine (or any home machine for that matter).

 This is the back of the quilt....I just did a pieced back with left over pieces of muslin and a red scrap. I pretty much love the back. I like the back even better than the front. The front kinda looks like Captain America. Funny how the wrong tones can do that to a project?

I am quilting this quilt in a Welsh style as a nod to my ancestors who I am sure were quilters. Not that I have any of the quilts, but I figure if I love something like quilting as much as I do, it must be in my blood. I know for sure that none of my peeps were Amish, I think we are a bit too rowdy for that.

I am playing along in the Swoon - along. This was my try it out block. I did my best to cut correctly and have an exact seam allowance, but some of the points still didn't match up. That is annoying, but in the greater scheme of things it does not matter one bit now does it?

 This is the front of the Amish Bar quilt as I was getting ready to mark and stack it. See, it does look a bit like Captain America doesn't it? I hope with all the quilting I plan to do on it, it will look less like a super hero and more like an awesome quilt.

Oh and one more thing, Emma (my 10 year old) is now taller than I am. I am only 5'2" on a tall day, but still she is just a little girl, I shouldn't have to look up to her yet. When you look at your children who seem to be growing before your eyes do you dream of their future? I do. This is one special young lady.

Have a great day folks!


Lynn said...

I'm glad you and your machine are friends again.
I also notice that you still have your machine box. I guess that makes sense since you move frequently. I would be up a creek if I had to ship my machine. I don't have room to keep a box that big.

Happy Quilting. You need a superhero quilt!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh you're only 5'2"? Ha! The confident way you carry yourself made me positive you were at least 5'7" or 5'8"!! Haha, funny how you can never tell with photos! I agree, your 10 year old should definitely not be taller than you!

Your captn America quilt is gorgeous. You could call it Amish Americana? Maybe you're creating the symbol for the worlds first Amish superhero?

Hoola Tallulah said...

For an athlete with a broken leg, you sure do run good! My kids are going to be taller than me too I think, and I'm a tall 5'8, my 12 year old is already 5'4, eeek! Happy New Year <3

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