Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Annette Bag

 Hey there! How are you doing? I am good....I still don't have my Bernina 820 but I went to see a Lawyer, and she gave me some fine advice so we will see what develops. For now I am still sewing away on my little backup Bernina Artista 165 and she is doing fine. Sewing through everything I feed under her presser feet. I do love that about a Bernina.

So, let me introduce you to my newest bag. This is the "Annette Tote". I quite love it and considered making myself one, but I need another bag like I need a bleeding hole in my forehead. Basically it is a deep Molly Purse, but I used the uniform top instead of the uniform pants.

 I will not say that this was an easy bag to make, but that is because the deconstruction of the uniform blouse was a bit of a chore. It is made from a tiny woman's top and in order to harvest as much usable fabric as possible I had to rip out stitches and facings that did no want to yield. My fingers show their battle wounds I assure you.

 Annette wanted this bag for her mom. I am also making her a notebook cover, but the bag had to be done in time for a Birthday. Anyway, the mom loves the color green. I do too! I have so much green fabric. But I found this wonderful collection by Heather Bailey tucked away on the bottom of a shelf. How sad that I have never used it before!

 I also used one of my favorite variegated threads in the color Limelight. Don't you love how that green almost glows? I sure do.

Here is a peek inside the bag. Lots of room, an inside pocket made out of the arm pen pocket so she can keep all her writing tools (or knitting needles) secure. Both outside pockets are fully functional as well.
This is a very sturdy little bag. The quilting and cotton batting gives it all the more body.

Anyway, I am working on a quilt block tutorial, but it will be on my Tia Curtis Quilts Blog. So be sure to check there.

Have a lovely Wednesday!



Kristin L said...

I love that pen pocket! I put one inside a tote bag that I made recently and will be incorporating more as I deconstruct a new batch of uniforms. :-)

YOLO said...

Nice Style of the Bag, the pockets inside and outside is great

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