Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Such a great weeknd

 We had such a great weekend. I hope yours was good too. We didn't do anything or go anywhere and had quesadillas 2 nights in a row. I was looking for one of the older uniforms in my big uniform box (it has moved from Ft Hood, TX to Alice Springs, Australia to Ft Leavenworth, Kansas and here to San Angelo, TX. In a couple months it will be making another trip back up to Kansas with all the rest of our household good for our next move.) Anyway, I wanted to start working on one of the Hero Quilts now that the widow and I are ready to take the next step. I drug out the big box and and the boys wanted to have an outfit for the ongoing Nerf War, so Stu helped them get suited up. Emma had to play too. Most of the uniforms in this box are just pieces or ones that have been donated over the years.

 Below is a shot of some of the kids all fitted up and ready to get down to Nerf war business. They made maps and even had a bit of strategy. I love Military kids.

Sam does not like to wear a hat when he does his wet work. We didn't have any pants small enough for him, so he was dashing around in shorts. Yep Shorts in February! It was such a beautiful weekend.

I sat outside and did some hand sewing after dying 3 pots of fabric. I am making this as a baby shower gift. I think it is going to be pretty...but do you think it is too "boy"? The baby is a girl and I don't want the gift not to be used...ya know?
I ordered some paper pieces after seeing Katy's pretty blocks. I did learn something when I opened my order....make sure you have a ruler handy when ordering paper pieces. Let it be know that 1/2 inch diamonds are tiny. I will be giving them away to whoever wants them. As long as you are in the states. I don't want to pay for international shipping on ridiculous tiny pieces of paper.
these 5 point star pieces are pretty tiny...but I might actually use them. We will see.
See...these are the little diamonds that I will never use. Do you want them? I will send them to you.
Stu also gave the boys haircuts...See, mom he wears that hat around the house even when you aren't here. It is so strange. That is the fabric I dyed this weekend, it also explains the dye around my fingernails. I need to remember to put my gloves on before reaching into the dye pot to stir the fabric.

So, leave a comment if you want the paper pieces!



Rebecca Maples said...

I'm leaving you a comment to tell you that I think your baby quilt it going to be AMAZING, and not to boyish at all. I don't think I will be asking for your tiny papers, I can barely manage normal size hexies.

amanda said...

I think all of us make the mistake of ordering too small paper pieces at least once! I know I've done it!

silversmith said...

those are some super tiny papers... i've never tried the diamond shape before and have done 3/4 inch hexies as my smallest, so i don't know how tedious these would be. i love how they look when other people attempt them and these would be even more portable.

the kids look like they had an awesome time. i wish we had a few more kids in our neighborhood for ian to play with...

Angie said...

Love to follow your blog!

The Army of Four said...

"Back to Kansas"? Any chance that it's Ft. Riley this time? :) Good luck with the move!
I love doing mini paper piecing. If you don't have any other "takers", I'd love the packet!

amandajean said...

oh, my lands! my kids would fit right in with your kids. they would LOVE to dress up in army clothes and have a nerf gun war. i bet they loved it!

i don't think i need the tiny paper pieces. sheesh, they are small! but if you don't have any other takers, i might be tempted to say yes. how's that for being on the fence?

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