Friday, February 10, 2012

Doll Dress Pattern

 So, have you worked on your doll at all? Well, if you have I bet you are ready to get her dressed, right? I made a pattern for your doll dress. It is not fancy as I am not much of a dress maker.


print that off. Cut out 2 pieces from whatever scrap fabric you have laying around.

 Take the piece that is going to be the front of the dress and clip down the middle about 1.5 inches (see picture above).
 Fold down the sides of the cut to make the collar. Pin these sides in place.

 Also fold down the top part of the back of the dress to make the back of the collar. (see the picture above)

 Top stitch the collar down.


 Now sew around the sides of the dress. Back stitch the openings for the head and arms. Make sure to also leave open the bottom of the dress.

  You will need to clip the angle of the armpit seam for your dolls comfort.

 See? Just snip that, but don't cut all the way through your stitches.

 Flip your dress right side out and dress your doll. 

Make dolls for your friends. 

Happy sewing!

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