Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hayes Order

 Hey there! I finished the Hayes order today. I put the last stitches in the bag before going out to the long arm and spending the rest of the day quilting.

This set was ordered by Emma's teacher from Kansas. She was so sweet and just a really gifted teacher. Emma loved her. Well, she had her first baby back in September (a couple months earlier than expected). Emma and I worked together on this order. She picked most of the fabric with her teacher in mind. 

 We used Amy Butler's Nigella for the bag. I do love this fabric so much. I will be sad when it is all gone from my fabric closet. I also added some little squares of leather to the base of the straps to reinforce them some.

 The inside of the bag has 3 pockets and it will look great inside out if Jennifer feels like flipping it.

 Now, lets talk about the quilt. I LOVE the idea of just a name on a baby quilt. Don't you? I have wanted to make name quits for people for ages, but I am doing so many things it is hard to announce "I want to make Baby Name Quilts!!!" Free piecing letters is really fun too.

 I did get a bit carried away with the quilting, but I love it. I would have loved to have has a quilt like this when one of my kiddos was small. Maybe I should make them each one now.....Something to think about for sure.

 I freehand stitched the first 2 names then quilted the heck out of the quilt. I did all the quilting on my little Bernina (the Artista 165 since my 820 is still in Kansas). I have another quilt loaded up on my long arm.

 Aren't those feathery vines fabulous? I am so excited to know how to make I want to put them on everything. This particular type is new to me. I started out with a small project before I turn to my Gammill. I may do some of the Quilts Of Valor like this That would be good, right?

 This is the other side of the quilt. After all, why should a quilt have a back and a front...they should just have 2 sides, each one wonderful. Emma is responsible for all these awesome fabrics. She hit my Japanese collection hard. There are bears, mice, pigs, chicks, farms, owls, trees, birds and balloons.
 I think this will be a great I Spy quilt. The other side is a sacking, so it will balance out some of the heavier substrates that are on this side of the quilt.

This is the other quilt I have been working one. I kinda love how the quilting is going. I am going to make Welsh pineapples all around the boarder. I have already finished 2 boarders....very man like. This quilt is John Adams'.

OK, have a great weekend. I don't think we have anything big planned. I have a spider bite on my 6 o'clock.  so I probably will not be doing much running. Maybe I will just quilt the weekend away. I hope your weekend is awesome.


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