Thursday, February 16, 2012

Swoon quilt so far

 Hey there! Are any of you following along with the Swoon-Along? I am. This is the first quilt...probably EVER that I have actually followed a pattern for.  You would think that after making 9 of these blocks I would have the system for making the blocks down and memorized? Nope. On the 9th block I was still having to refer back to the instructions on how to position all the half square triangles to end up with the proper pattern.

I love clicking through the Swoon group to see all the wonderful blocks. I don't think any 2 are alike yet. It is amazing how just a simple change up of fabric can totally change the tone of a quilt block. I choose to use Lotta Jansdotter's Echo for most of my blocks...but after I finished #3 I knew that if I was going to finish this project i was going to have to add some other fabric to it. I just so happened to have a stack of my Map fabric (I printed it out with Spoon Flower months ago) on my cutting table and something about the tones really appealed to me with the simplicity of the Echo fabric.

 I made a dreadful mistake with this block by not measuring the fat quarter before I started cutting out my squares and rectangles. You see the whole Swoon pattern is based off using fat quarters (you can use yardage as well). Anyway my fat quarter was too small, so I had to patch it up with a strip of another print. Personally, I think this is my favorite block.

 I have maps from Ft Bragg and downtown Heidelberg, the grey of the background is fabric that I dyed myself...and I ran out of that quickly as well. That is why you will see about 5 different greys in this quilt. I am just going with it. It gives it a bit more interest.

 The map in this block is from Ft Lewis. It is the Tenino map. It is the one I trained with in college ROTC. I have spent years of my life looking at this map.

 See, Tenino!

This map is from one of the drop zones at Ft Bragg. The other map that is in this quilt is a training map from Hohenfels, Germany. I bet you guessed already, but this quilt is for my dear husband. He helped me make the fabric from all his old maps, and I think it is pretty manly. It does have some pink....but my husband likes pink things from time to time.

I do have most of this fabric available for sale on my spoonflower if you are interested. I had some requests to make it available. Just don't rely on the maps to be accurate. They are all outdated and I would hate for you to get lost.

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Spoolhardy Girl said...

Oh my gosh, I love this so so so much! That block where you added the fabric to the center.....BRILLIANT!

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