Monday, April 30, 2012

Paint Brush case

 Good Morning! How was your weekend? I hope it was good. I quilted 2 quilts and finished 2 bags. My weekend was pretty productive. I also watched the saddest movie EVER. I think I sat on the sofa and sobbed during at least 7 parts. War Horse. That was the movie. Wow. If you have some pent up emotion that needs to be purged watch War Horse. After that I had to go do something happy and useful.

So, what do you do when you get fabric that is really too pretty to use? Normally I just fold it up and put it on a shelf where I can look at it. I was intending to do the same with this awesome Alegria fabric from Cloud 9. The hand of this fabric is unreal. It feels a great deal like cotton lawn, but it isn't. The colors are intense and the detail is wonderful. Anyway after such a sad movie I was looking around my sewing room for a quick project and my eyes kept returning to the Alegria fabric.

I picked it up. I wanted something quick and not too involved. So I made myself a paintbrush holder.

 I added some army fabric to it. Just because it was sitting there.

 My neighbor, Sharon Smith, has the neatest paintbrush holder. It was made back in the 70's. She found it at a thrift shop filled with lovely paint brushes. Her husband is getting ready to go on an overseas tour, so she wanted me to make a small one him to take along. While I was making it I was thinking to myself, "heck, this is neat. I should make one for myself"

So I did! Now I can look at my pretty, and happy Alegria fabric holding my paintbrushes and Emma's messy ones too.


Lynn said...

I didn't know you painted. I have made a few paint brush rolls. I love how this one sits up! What did you put in it to make it stiff? I love your fabrics too.

Oh, and you must be driving the 301 price up... I've been watching. They seem to be going high. At least the ones with cases. Dang.

the Campfollower said...

Hey Lynn! I used to paint a great deal. I even minored in Fine Art in college (for a while until Nursing and ROTC sucked up too much of my time)My Grandmother was a brilliant watercolor artist. I put heavy duty stabilizer in it, but Sharon's had cardboard in it and it works great. The zipper is to remove the cardboard if you want to wash the case.

The demand for the 301 will wane I am sure and you can get one then ;o)

RLynne73 said...

I love your stand up version of paint brush holder. I don't like the roll-up ones and have been looking for a pattern or directions to make one like yours. Do you have directions or know where I could get them? I need to make mine a different size since I have over 100 brushes. I just haven't quite figured out how to do it. How do the brushes stay in place? Do you have pockets sewn in or elastic strip to hold them? Thanks for your time.

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