Thursday, May 3, 2012

Golby, Windorski and Garcia all ready to ship

 Hey there! I have some finishes to show today. Now that we are gearing up to move big time I feel like my sewing has been thrown into overdrive. Good thing too! I do love being productive.

SO let's look at the Garcia order. It is a Sam backpack and a zip pouch. Amy sent me the new Army uniform to make these bags out of. Isn't the pattern great? I think it looks similar to the Australian uniforms.

 I need to clean up the fray a bit, but that is really easy.

 This is the Hero quilt I made for the Windorski family. CWO Philip Windorski was a Kiowa pilot. Kiowas are little helicopters that act as light attack and  reconnaissance. Three other pilots died in the crash that took Philips life as well. Karin and I worked together on this quilt. She wanted 4 large gold stars to represent all four of the pilots (CWO Windorski, CWO Tillery, CWO Todd and CWO Kelley). She wanted pale yellow and white to be used in the quilt (their wedding colors), gold for the stars and Ultramarine blue (that blue is the color assigned to the Aviation Corps) and the green olive from the flight suit. I had a hard time finding the perfect star for this quilt, and when I got going I was afraid I ruined the quilt by making it look too much like Hollywood. But I think in the end it all came together. Karin wanted me to quilt the quilt too look like clouds because Philip was at home up in the sky. I looked at many pictures of clouds and thought Undulatus Asperatus would be very nice done on my long arm.

 I added Philips patches to the centers of each star to give it more of a military look as opposed to the Hollywood look that was stuck in my mind.

 I also added some hand quilting around each gold star. I am so honored to have made this quilt for the Windorski family. It has been a long process, and Philips uniform has made 3 moves with me while Karin and I worked together to find the right time to make this quilt.

 This is the Hero bag I made for Sonya Golby. She sent me her husband's utility suit ( SPC Christopher Golby) . I have never made a bag from a utility suit before, so I had to tweak my designs some to come up with the bag she wanted using the uniform she sent me.

I used the very last of my red and white stripe for this bag. I need to find another source for this great fabric.

Have a lovely day and I hope you find time to make something special.



shannon said...

i love your creative ways of making bags from BDUs...and watching you have so much fun MQing

Andover has a QOV line of fabric out that has a large scale union field print...

Moda has an off white/red stripe in it's summer beach line by polly minick and lauri simpson

Lynn said...

I know you were worried about that quilt but I think it turned out great!!
Also, that last bag looks pretty heavy duty. I like it. What thread do you use for topstitching through so many layers?

the Campfollower said...

Thanks for your comments ladies! I have hunted down your fabric reccomendations Shannon!

Lynn, That bag is indeed heavy duty. I am a sucker for King Tut cotton by Superior. I freaking LOVE it. And so does my 820. So, normally I use that and a big strong needle, and the denim foot. Normally I don't have too much drama.

I want to try your Aurifil thread. I am intrigued. I should just order a spool and see what I think...but I have been too swamped lately to order much of anything! Good times!

Kristin L said...

I love the purply fabric with the new uniform cloth!

Susan said...

I'm a new follower and just want to let you know I love what you do with uniforms and the patriotic quilts you make. I knew we kept my husband's old Army clothes for some reason. Thanks for the ideas!

TPratt said...

I love your work and have followed you, and tried to imitate your work for years! Where in KS are you headed? We are stationed at Riley, but go to Leavenworth occasionally as my in-laws retired there. Would love to meet you some day:) Good luck with your move!

BTW, there is a flag company that my husband visited during an Army school...either in VA or AL that may be a good source for real flag materials if you want. if you need info:)

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