Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home from Kansas

 So, hey there! I am back from Kansas. I had a great time and I looked at about 30 houses. We made an offer on one of them today and we are waiting to see if the offer is going to be accepted or not. If it isn't I guess we go on to the next house. I came home with 4 that I loved and can see us living in for the rest of our lives. Did I get one picture? Nope. I didn't. I even had my camera with me the whole time.  I did take a couple pictures of quilt market. Not many, but a few.

 These three pictures are of Marcia Derse's booth. Marcia is so fun and her fabric is so pretty.

 I love it so much.

 This was the critter in Anna Maria Horner's booth. Isn't it the coolest? I sure think so. The fabric collection is Field Study. I really like it. She has a feather print that is out of this world.

 She also made a feather quilt. I think this is going to be the free pattern on the Free Spirit site.

 Anna Maria Horner even had the feathers appliqued onto the skirt of her dress. That is awesome. And she is as nice as everyone always says.

 I finally got to meet Lynn Harris in real life. I have know her via the Internet for years! But to get to meet her in real life was such a treat. She is just like I imagined her to be. I am so happy I got to chat with her. She encouraged me to have hens at my house and if they aren't allowed, just start a hen campaign. Maybe I will.

 I saw this gorgeous quilt. Those Modern Quilters are so awesome.

 I lingered in Denyse Schmidt's booth for a while. There was so much inspiration to be found here. Like he book just exploded to life.

 I seriously thought about sticking this in my bag...but I will wait until it is released in real life. I don't have to stoop to stealing.  It is Chicopee.

 Here I am looking crazy tall like always. I am with Rashida Coleman-Hale, Carrie Bloomston of Such Designs (she was the sweetest person ever and so easy to talk to Her booth stopped me in my tracks. I just loved her colors.) and Karen Lepage who was wearing the cutest dress.

 Ellen Luckett-Baker and I. Ellen is one of my very favorite bloggers. I was standing around looking at booths when I got tapped on my shoulder and asked if I wanted a book to be signed. I said Sure! There was Ellen signing her book "123 Sew". She signed my book and I stood there like a fool wanting so badly to tell her how much I love her style and her fabric is awesome and I used her pattern to make my favorite (well one of my favorites) quilt...but I had a big fat blank mind that was still trying to figure out which house to tell my husband that I liked the best. Well, we all went to dinner together ( Carrie Bloomston, Betz White, Shea Henderson, Ellen Luckett-Baker and April - the cutest little fabric shop owner EVER, and me.) It was so fun to chat about quilting, fabric design, pattern making, book deals, children, instiration. We had so much in common. What a small world with such wonderful people.

This was part of Carrie's booth (Such-designs). Aren't those colors awesome? I had to stop and chat!

I really didn't buy much of anything (except maybe a house). but it was a great market where I met some fine people.



What Comes Next? said...

sounds like you had a fabulous time - I am jealous! Good luck with the house hunting

E Baker said...

Was so nice to meet you, Tia! Good luck with your move and hope you can keep your husband safely home with you. I'm glad I've discovered your blog and bags!

such said...

You are the bestest. I just found your blog to add you to my contacts cuz I heart you and what you are doing and lo and behold, there I am! It is a mutual admiration. I want to blog about you...more later.

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