Friday, May 25, 2012

Best Sewing Day ever...for real.

 So, hey there! I am having terrible computer issues (I think they are hardware issues) so I am using my tiny computer until the big computer gets fixed. I have the MOST beautiful quilt ever up on my long arm, a couple bags to finish and we are buying a house! Tons going around these parts! Today was a great day to relax and sew with friends.

Stanley is resting...don't bother him.

 Sharon, Martha and I decided to make some dresses from the newest Alabama Chanin book Studio Style. We also decide to dye our own cotton Jersey. What the heck right?
 This morning Martha and Sharon came over after dropping their littles off at moms day out. We began cutting patterns and cutting out the fabric.

 this is going to be my ball gown for the Army Ball next month. I better get a move on.

 I cheat a bit and do the first seams with the machine and then hand stitch the rest. I encouraged Martha and Sharon to do the same.

 At this point this is a very portable project! So I suggested we move this operation to the Vineyard. What the heck? I will only be here for another couple weeks, so I may as well enjoy one of the best spots in the Concho valley.

 We had our little tasting and then sat down to a plate of cheese and crackers to try to absorb some of the ETOH before going to pick up kids from school.

 We sat and stitched in the middle of a beautiful vineyard! It was awesome....the company was the best around and the conversation was wonderful. We made great progress on our dresses (seriously we stitched on our dresses...the wine people thought we were insane) and the wine was nice too.

Is there any better way to spend a sewing day than with great friends at a pretty place making things with our hands? Maybe next time you can come along too.


What Comes Next? said...

busy busy is right! Definitely sounds like the perfect day to me!

Lynn said...

What a fun day. I really, really, wish you were my neighbor.
Which house are you getting. Is it the one you were telling me about? Start that chicken campaign NOW!

the Campfollower said...

Thanks ladies! You can come next time...I will try to give you notice. Lynn, the house we are buying is the one from the 1980s. Big yard, lots of room for hens. I will see about starting a hen campaign. Right now er are learning how to tear out carpet and install wood floor...and get rid of wall paper - apparently that can be tricky. what an adventure we are looking at!

Marj. H said...

Such a fun post... I love the picture of Stanley, it looks like he has his priorities in order!

Kristin L said...

Sounds like a fabulous day. Best wishes on your home improvement projects and the big move!

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