Friday, June 22, 2012

My last couple bags before the move are finished.

 Hey there! I finished 2 of the 4 bags I wanted to get finished before the move. The other 2 I didn't finish are because I didn't hear back for the ladies I am sewing from. But hopefully it will turn out alright, as I will just make them an additional bag when we are settled on the flip side...or maybe I will hear from them today? Who knows? It did feel awesome to get these bags out the door that is for sure. So this one is a little Stu tote. It does not really have a name, Melissa just wanted to small Stu tote with all Air Force uniform except for the inside, that she wanted with a very simple coordinating fabric. Too easy.

 I did make the side a bit fancy.

 This is the other side.

 I don't think I will ever get tired of Amy Butler's Woodfern. It is just perfect for everything.

 So, this picture is both sideways and in the wrong order, but that is ok. I have been using an exercise ball lately for a sewing seat. I can tell a big difference in my legs already. Last night they were so sore (in a great I just worked out ALL DAY LONG! kind of way) as I drug my body up the stairs to bed. I hope it is making my posture better too....and making my abs stronger. Oh yeah I am sure it is! I got this ball my my middle son when his school decided that he had ADD. He was supposed to perch on it and all his squirming energy would be focused like a laser on the ball so he could overflow with prose and math genius rather than day dreaming. Well, it didn't work at all. Ethan was bouncing like a circus performer, no homework was getting done and the other 2 kids were laughing like bedlamites. Now I sit my plump behind upon it and hope for abs of steel.

 This is the other bag I finished yesterday.

 It is pretty simple. I did use my favorite (and my Bernina 820 LEAST favorite) thread. I ended up having to finish the quilting on my Singer 301. I was thinking about how odd it was that my zillion dollar fancy pants Swiss Princess sewing machine wouldn't do the job, but my $70, 50 year old machine quilted it effortlessly.

I actually did the quilting months ago...and forgot about the bag since the lady I was making it for lives down the street and was away on vacation. My Bernina is now working fine. I guess she needed a vacation too.

And here is the inside. Simple pocket with a pen slip. Too easy. Ok, I am now going to go work on a blog post on my Tia Curtis Quilts will end up being a series because there is just too much information to share in one sitting. It is all about Marjorie Horton (the Welsh quilting master) and the amazing box she sent me.


Hoola Tallulah said...

Both wonderful, I can't believe you are still sewing in the midst of the madness, you are a true super hero! <3

Lynn said...

I used to have one of those exercise balls at my desk. I liked it- until it deflated. I never thought about using one at the sewing machine. I would worry about rolling over a pin and ending up quickly on my backside on the floor.

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