Monday, June 4, 2012

When you are without a computer....

 Hey there! The last few weeks have been really busy with the gearing up to move and the last days of school. During all this hullabaloo I have been trying to finish my last couple bag orders and my last couple quilts to quilt with my long arm as well. As I am powering ahead full steam, my newish computer dies...well not really dies, the video card burns up so I can't see anything on the screen. We cannibalized the computer and rescued the hard drive. so at least I have access to all my files, but man that was drama. We are on the fence about getting an apple, well I kinda want an apple, but my husband wants to stick with the regular PC. While we are thinking this all out I am just using my old laptop and it is all good, right? Oh and we are buying a house in Kansas too...

The kiddos ended up coming home early last week everyday, so they wanted to sew. Emma was quilting away on a bag for her teacher and quickly saw that quilting is not quite as easy as I make it look. But she wouldn't listen to me and take my advice. She ended up taking out a bunch of stitches (on her own accord, I did not make her) and I finished up her bag.

 Ethan wanted to do maintenance on the hand crank and had a blast stitching it out.

 Emma decided to make her teacher a painting with her teachers favorite saying on it. I really liked the use of light in her swirly pink tunnel...I think this is very feminine art. We went to the library and checked out a ton of books about modern art after this.

 I got the best box ever from Marjorie Horton (my Welsh quilting Idol). There is so much treasure in the box she sent me I am still having heart palpitations thinking about it. I swear I will blog about it, but on my other blog ( Tia Curtis Quilts ).

 Sharon and Martha came over to finish up their dresses...notice mine is not in the picture. I have quite a way to go on it before the dress is in no way a priority with all the other things I have going on.

 We did go to cattle and coffee on Thursday morning. Sharon and Martha wore their dresses...I did not get the dress up memo so I am wearing my jeans, and boots (like normal people wear to look at the cattle auction). We did get cornered by the manager of the auction yard because he thought we were with PITA or some other animal rights group. I Sharon asked very nicely, for next time we go see the animals if she would just dress like a Texas rancher so we can look at the animals instead of having to listen to some terrified rancher tell us how humane he auction lot is.


 Yet another day of the kids getting out early. 

 These are the bags I made as teacher gifts this year. There is also a Starbucks gift card inside and a note from the kids.

 See, Texas flag box bag. Ethan wanted more swirls on his teachers bag.

 Emma's teacher got a German flag bag. I lined all these bags with this Jay McCarroll dreadful fabric I found deep in my fabric closet. All the animals look like they have dropped too much acid.

 And last but not least (if you are still reading this thanks for sticking with me) I finished quilting Yahaira's beautiful quilt top. I loved her stars from the first moment I saw them. She wanted me to do something Welsh inspired on her quilt. I love this quilt so much. There will be better pictures on my other blog.

OK, I have a zillion things to do. I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!


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lynn said...

Your kids are GREAT. I love them. Really.
And DO tell, I want to know more about the box from Marjorie Horton!!!!

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