Sunday, July 15, 2012

House renovation part 2

 Hey there! I hope you all have been doing well. We have been doing a ton of renovation. It has been so wonderfully physical. Who knew painting a house could be so good for the entire body. I fall onto our air-mattress at night achy and exhausted, but it feels so good. My friend Jen let me borrow their good air mattress that holds the air all night, rather than the cheapo Coleman one that we have.

Anyway, look at all that carpet! Off it goes to the co-mingled recycling. My husband did a great job and is already laying down our wood floor. Stanley is still a wonderful therapy dog, but he is not wild about the noise the saw makes. Poor thing. Between you and me I think Stanley prefers the relative quiet of quilting to the whine of a power saw.

 The cats love the new house too. They do wish we would get a move on so they can have furniture to drape their fluffy bodies over, but the sun room works just like it is supposed to and muse feel amazing to their little cat bodies.

 My husband hung 1/4 inch drywall in the sun room because the funny siding was too destructive (or we were) when it was coming off the walls. This room still needs to be painted, but I m really stuck as to what color to select! It is easy to pick colors for quilts and bags, but panting walls is another story.

I still have the painters tape up in the kitchen, but here is an idea of what I am doing in here. The top of the wall is my very favorite color in the world. It is "Rain Drop" by Behr. Depending on the light during the day, it is white, or blue or periwinkle or a pale lavender. When I was a nanny in college one of the families I worked for had a giant hall painted this color and I have loved it ever since. Sharon Smith knew exactly the shade I wanted and told me what to ask for at Home Depot. The bottom is just needs another coat.

This is the dining room. I think the previous blog entry has a before picture of this room with the kids taking a break. You may recall the wall paper? Well, it would not come down. No way was it budging. So I took 2 coats of Kilz primer to it and 2 coats of "Summer Moon" pale yellow paint to it. It is very warm and cozy. What do you think about that light fixture? It reminds me of my mom's Asta pots. I used to have a set from my husband's grandmother, but sadly they were lots on our Australia move. I could make it work, but my husband wants modern lighting in the kitchen and dining room...I just want MORE lighting!

So, next post I may have some wood floor pictures and maybe we will venture into the sewing chamber? Muhahahaha!!!!! Just wait until you get a load of the carpet in there. I am going to go ahead and give you a hint that I will have 2 different sewing  areas.

OK, I think I am going to try to hit the farmers market.

Have the best weekend!


What Comes Next? said...

Now that is a serious pile of carpet that you've taken out! I am loving what I see, and that sun room looks awesome - I'd be like one of the cats and just sit there soaking it up. Can't wait to see your sewing space

Tyrone Speelman said...

It seems that you and your husband had a wonderful bonding activity in renovating this house. It’s also a good thing that your husband has some carpentry skills; this can minimize your expenses. Renovating a house can also be a good family activity to foster stronger ties.

house renovation Tennessee said...

After this post i have energetic to renovate my home too :)

Linda Wise said...

Hi Tia! Your house is looking good! Yep, choosing paint color is very crucial, since this has a lot to do with the feel of a certain area. I can't wait to see your sewing area. =)

Alejandra Hutchcraft said...

It's a good thing that your husband is equipped with carpentry skills. This should help cut down your expenses, such as labor cost. By the way, did your husband plan the renovation all by himself? Or, did you ask a professional consultant to design the house?

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