Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sewing Studio Before

 Here is where I will be setting up my long arm...when it arrives on Thursday. Since the table is so large I think it is going to have to go into the basement.

 I know you are curious about the carpet, so I snapped a closeup for you. It is quite groovy, isn't it? I pretty much hate it. I would love to rip it up and polish the concrete beneath, and maybe stain it? But I am afraid of how cold it will be down here in winter.
Do any of you have a basement studio? How cold is it in the winter? I can put different carpet down there....or maybe throw rugs?

 There is a little wood stove, so that will warm things up.

 Here is a 10 year old and a big cat.

 Wood paneling and saloon doors. Everyone likes saloon doors. the kids have been having a blast storming through them and demanding a whiskey like they are old west cowboys. I do admit that I started it. I also believe the paneling will get a coat or 2 of paint. My husband says it is madness to paint it and that I should just remove it, but it is another situation with lots of glue and paint is easier than drywall.

 A tiny door for little people to hide.

 I found this quilt top downtown for $20. It is all hand pieced and at first I thought it was scrappy, but it really has a pattern, doesn't it?

I picked this up too because it was $5. This one is machine pieced, but it looks great. I think I will just decorate with it....or maybe combine it with a star segment I have in my household goods.

 There is a window, so a bit of sunlight can peek in.

There is a little powder room too. Ellie likes to hang out under the sink in the cabinet. I have to remember to collect her when I go in and out of the basement. All in all I think this space has heaps of potential. My Bernina will be living above ground in the sun room so I will be doing quite a bit of up and down.



Marjorie H said...

Tia, How exciting! You asked if anyone has any comments on cement floors and keeping warm in the winter... I've lived with cement floors for over 30 years and my experience is that they aren't an issue as long as the rooms are heated. If the rooms go unheated long enough to let the floors get cold, then the cement will be cold. The good side is that cement floors will keep the space cooler in the summer. We've painted the floor in most of our downstairs. I like the painted cement with area rugs. Good luck! Marjorie

Alex said...

I can't wait to see the after!!
We had concrete floors in one of our house and we painted it with some special sealer paint. We used some foam mats in the play area for kids and rugs in other areas and it was fine. Easy to clean too!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

With that wood stove down there, you will have the toastiest room in the house! I would paint all the paneling too and make it a full quilting studio. That carpet reminds me of the carpet that was in my parents house when we moved way back around 1976, except theirs was a longer shag and it had bright pumpkin orange and all those other fall colors in it. We used it as a checker board. I can't wait to move across country and get to put together another studio. I love mine now, but the excitement of a new one is just so exciting with the unknown.

Conry Lavis said...

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Rafael's Mum said...

What a lovely lot of space! and lots of room for wall hanging too. I have no experience with concrete but if it were me I would go the rug way too. Easy to replace or change it up and as thick or thin as you like. Once you have a couple of rugs down you won't even see the carpet anymore!

Anonymous said...

I actually like the carpet. The more pictures I looked at the better I liked it. Perhaps the colors could be enhanced with the right color paint on the walls. If in good condition, I would leave it and maybe put down a couple of area rugs to delinate the spaces.

silversmith said...

woohoo! what a great big space for you to work in.... i'm jealous! can't wait to see all that you do in the studio as well.

paneling will just take lots of primer to seal up the wood and a couple good coats of paint. it is a pain, but it could brighten up the space quite a bit.

Hoola Tallulah said...

WOW, what a fabulous space. I kinda like the carpet, for it's authenticity, they sure don't make em like that anymore! I think patterned carpets look really striking in an all white space, but not sure how realistic that is for a sewing room! The woodstove should keep it toasty if you polish the concrete and throw down some rugs (love polished concrete), deeply envious of your special sewing place and can't wait to see what you do with it!

badlandsquilts said...

I'm in MN and I think my basement floor is cold, even w/ carpet! (Love my Halfinger wool slippers!) Perhaps some large solid rugs would be reasonable and make the decor tolerable?

You could run heat under tile but that would be pretty pricey even DIY plus use up a fair amount of space on our electric panel?

Enjoy your new looks HUGE!

Jennifer said...

I would like to be friends with "Anonymous". As you know, Tia, having seen the carpet in person - I AM IN HOT, STEAMY LOVE with it. If you tear it out, I am taking a hunk and having the edges bound for an area rug.

the Campfollower said...

Oh Jennifer, you may certainly have a big hunk of it! I know where you live, so you will find it on your front porch one day. I will stick around for coffee of course it would be strange to leave a groovy carpet hunk and dash off like a thief in the night.

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