Tuesday, July 24, 2012

 Hey there! Our stuff arrived. I had a dreadful feeling that much would be broken and so far my intuition is correct. All of our mirrors were broken except 2. Good thing I don't like to gaze at myself. The crew who unpacked us was top notch. 7 giant corn fed young college men (4 on ROTC scholarship) unloaded our shipment. Emma took to following them around but stopped after walking into several clouds of flatulence and by the end of the day she refused to enter her bedroom due to the scent of hard working young male. The destruction on this end was not their fault....I have to assume it was elsewhere. I have to remind myself that it is just stuff. We have so many blessings, but this broken corner of the sun room is just stuff.

 I did really love this bowl. I tend to attach memories to my things. And I like them more with the memories that are related to getting them. I went to Poland to find this bowl with my Mom and friends. The memories are priceless, but the bowl is just a broken thing now. Not forever. I have been saving my broken bits from the past 2 moves to use as a mosaic somewhere. We are going to make a fire-pit somewhere in our backyard and we are going to use my shattered crockery to  "tile" the edges of the fire pit. I found one on Pinterest that I LOVE. My husband loves it too...so in a bit we will make one like it. It is way too hot to even think about fire-pits right now, but in time. The broken pots aren't going anywhere.

 This was a shelf to our TV stand. It is in a zillion pieces. Poor Stu.

 So far most of the Art has made it OK. These are already hanging in the sun room. I think this may be my favorite room of the house.

 This is what we did today. We took the Long Arm table apart (it was in the garage) and hauled it's pieces down to the basement studio. The 14 foot long parts that couldn't break down any further got passed through the basement window.

 All I can say is how much I admire my husband. He took the table apart and re-assembled it. I made a couple suggestions and basically got in the way...but I must have done something because my arms ache. This has been by FAR our most physical move.

Here is my question for you.....

What sort of lighting would give me MORE light. There are 4 fluorescent lights in the basement ceiling...but I fear I need more. I don't function well in the dark. Is there any type of lighting that provides something similar to natural daylight? 

 Lady June is up and ready to quilt! She will need to be patient because her rollers did NOT arrive with our household goods. Apparently they are supposed to arrive tomorrow. I can't wait! I yearn to quilt again. I have already received 4 quilts to quilt for others and I have several Texas flags orders pending....I just need to get back in business!

After all my husbands hard work today he and my little son (who is getting big) sat in the kitchen to enjoy a rest. The white wine is mine, not Sam's. Don't worry. I just wanted to show my mom my kitchen Island and stools. I have looked everywhere for a  kitchen thing that would give me more work space. We found this at Nebraska Furniture.

Tomorrow I think I may get some of my fabric put away.....



Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted just reading about all you have done to the house! Wow, simply wow.

badlandsquilts said...

Great island! I know there are track fixtures (flexible or on rods) that only use one junction box and I think there are some sort of Ott-lite bulbs to fit standard fixtures? Good luck!

Dee said...

In Australia you can buy 'daylight' fluorescent tubes. Im sure that something similar would be available over there. It is amazing the difference that they make. It could be a cheap and quick fix for you.

Leanne said...

I was reading your post and then I went to this one: http://cvquiltworks.blogspot.ca/2012/07/a-difficult-decision.html I thought you might like to see the lights she has mounted over her long arm.

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