Thursday, July 26, 2012

What a day

No pictures today....the basement was too dark to get any good ones. Although in my mind I snapped several of my husband helping me unwind the Great Grand Mother of all Thread jams in the Gammill. This took place after our visit from the Gammill service man. I swear my long arm has never run so awesome. He taught us so much, but then he left...and I ran the machine like he told me to and poured lots of oil into it (since the machine was packed and shopped in a funny position the oil was not soaking the parts that needed it, so it was dry in places that were rubbing, so I need to really soak the machine). No problem. The problem came when I was running the machine and didn't notice that the thread got sucked into the working parts and wrapped up around the drive shaft. Woops. Hours later my husband's knuckles are bleeding and his finger tips have lost feeling from turning a mostly bound up fly wheel while I unwound the thread. What a Man. His patience with me and my craft humbles me.

As a favor to yourself, be sure to oil your sewing machines. They really like it and run so much better.

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