Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I finished some bags!

Good morning! I finished some bags! I bet you thought I didn't do bags anymore. I sure don't do many these days when quilts are so much more easy and from a business standpoint (yep, I am a business and have to think like one sometime) every so much more profitable. Needless to say I have been doing a great deal of soul searching with my bags. I am not sure what the future holds where they are concerned. I would like to just write a book about how to make them and then let them go so I can focus on quilts. I know there is already a book about making bags from uniforms on the market...but in my opinion I have more to offer than that book. I need to pitch my book proposal. It seems all the bloggers have books out these days...oh well we will see what happens.

Shall we talk about these bags? This first one is for a dear lady I met while I lived in San Angelo. She has the best nose I have ever seen and if I am ever in the market for a nose job, I am taking a picture of her nose to the rhino guy. This bag is a Sabrina Bag. I make it using the blouse of the uniform.

I quilted this bag on a smaller scale than I normally quilt the bags...but I guess that is because I have been doing such small scale and dense quilting with my long arm machine I kinda forgot where I was . The thread is a great variegation with aqua and brown and it goes perfectly with the fabric Carrie selected.

She wanted "Prayer Warrior" quilted into the handle. I love that concept...being a prayer warrior. I have known several prayer warriors in my life and they are truly special people.

Carrie came over to my house to select her fabric. If you know me and have been to my house you know I have a bunch of fabric. It can be overwhelming. Carrie came in with her mind set on a specific color family and I think she changed her mind 15 times. We had stacks of fabric all over the place. I think I laughed more that morning about fabric than I ever have. She finally settled on an enormous stack of Nigella by Amy Butler. I worked all the fabric into this bag...some of the pieces in tiny segments.

This is the inside. This bag like most of my bags is indeed reversible. Oh and the big double interior pockets are lined with different prints as well. I have one more little thing to finish with this order and it will be off on its way.

This is a special bag that I made for a veteran who is currently wheelchair bound. He wanted a bag that was big enough for both his cellphone and his wallet. He wanted a thin strap so he could wear the bag across his chest, and he wanted the bag to be very simple to get into since he has trouble with one of his hands.

The fabric was a bit of an adventure. He wanted an accent fabric with Japanese ladies on it. In all my fabric I only had one fabric with Japanese ladies on it. It was an older piece which I purged about 3 moves ago and neglected to delete off my fabric gallery. I felt like an ass, but I had an excuse to drive down to Olatha and visit Quilters Haven. They have a great selection of Japanese fabric so I assumed they would have some Japanese ladies. And Japanese ladies were in abundance! I loved the detail on this print, and I fussy cut the ladies, so he can see one lady on the outside of the bag and 2 more are peeking out when he opens the bag.

I also really like the quilting on this bag. I think it looks like wood grain, but my husband thinks it looks like topography.

Well, folks I hope you have a happy time quilting or sewing or just doing your thing.


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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see you doing these! My hubs just left active duty and I miss the life, One of these bags would mean so much. I love to see when you design a new one. Been missing the posts on this blog so glad to see you here.

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