Monday, November 12, 2012

General David Petraeus - the Golden Retriever

So, after much back and forth we have finally decided on a name for this guy. We named him after the great general who was brought low by a woman. General David Petraeus. When we brought Stanley home from the pound his namesake (General Stanley McCrystal) was being booted out of the Army for speaking ill about the administration so it just seemed obvious to name this guy after the current general in hot water. Now, I have my own suspicions as to why he is leaving the CIA and surely they are obvious to everyone else who is not guzzling the koolaide the media crows about, but this is a craft blog not a political one.

He is fitting in quite well into our family and walks on his leash like a dream boat. And he is quite strong so he can drag my chubby behind up these hills around our house. He likes to hang out in the basement with me while I sew. Sometimes the snoring of 2 retrievers is almost as loud as my sewing machine.

He and Stanley are getting along quite well. Their favorite game is fetch or Frisbee. David is much better at fetch since he is faster and has 4 fine working legs. But don't write off Stanley because he is quick to sneak up and steal the ball. His hip is feeling much better after we have begun giving him Joint Max triple strength. **** Thank you Margie Horton! That stuff has something very effective in it for sure.

Both dogs get to be seen by the vet on Tuesday - David for his tumors (I suspect them to be Lipomas but there is a very firm one on his sternum so we shall see) and Stanley will be seen for his gimpy leg. So the dogs are Lumpy and Gimpy for now.


DianeY said...

Too funny! The names, not the ailments

M. Horton said...

I love the dog stories and naming your dogs after certain generals is too funny. It's like our cats, we started out with one cat named Max, the little neighbor kid liked the name and named their newly adopted cat Max but the cat didn't like kids, ran away and lived in the woods until one day I was calling my Max and the other one thought I was calling him and moved in with us. We tried to move Max #2 home but he kept coming back so we all gave up on getting him to be the neighbor's Max and started calling #1 Yellow Max (he's a ginger cat) and #2 Max Black Max. That all went fine until a couple years ago when a very thin and hungry cat showed up on Mother's day and my husband joked that he was my Mother's day present. The new guy was what is called a blaze, (a siamese, yellow cat mix) with blue eyes. I couldn't imagine breaking the 'max' tradition so we named Blue Max for his blue eyes... White Max just didn't have the right ring to it. After he lived here for a while, we nick-named him Frank because he's a blue-eyed lover boy. Within a month, another stray had moved in but this one was a female. Nobody was surprised when we named her Maxine. We're officially Maxed out now.

I'm really glad the triple strength Joint Max is working for Stanley. It was a life-saver for Maggie and she needs to stay fit, she has a herd of cats to keep in line.

dog portraits said...

Those are really great and cute pictures of them both! They're like twins!

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