Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2 more bags

Hey there Folks! Here are my latest 2 bags. They are all finished and ready to send off. This post will be mostly pictures since they speak for themselves. Both of these tote bags are reversible like most of my bags are.

This one is made out of an old Vietnam marine top. This top had a great deal of storage wear on it even after I washed it twice. My favorite aunt on my husbands side sent it to me and it was really a pleasure to make this bag for her.

I love how his name was hand written on the front of the uniform.

The lady I made this bag for lives in Saudi Arabia, so it was important that the bag be reversible.

I love the inside almost as much as the outside.

Second is this bag I made for a friends mom. Sarah came over and picked out fabric for her mom and it was so fun to watch her dart around my fabric collection pulling pretty pieces.

This is the bag inside out. I think it is super pretty this way too.

Both bags inside out. I have a little pouch to make for the colorful bag and then only one more Hero bag then I am finished with making bags for a while. But never fear I am writing patterns! Crazy story how that little gig came about! I will save it for next time. It will give me a reason to blog some more, right?


Anonymous said...

I like them both! But the vintage one strikes a chord.

the Campfollower said...

Thanks! I really like it too. Ihope thelady I made it for likes it too

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