Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hey there! How have you all been? I sure hope you have been well in my absence. I have been up to my neck in quilting and thread....but for Christmas I took a little break. It is COLD here. I hope you are warm where you are. The disgraced generals are digging the snow. Even Stanley and his gimpy hip have had a good time dashing through the icy snow.

My parents drove over from North Carolina and my sister flew in from San Francisco for the Holiday. It has been so so good spending time with them.

David thinks it is awesome to fetch snowballs...they taste great.

This is one of the very few handmade Christmas gifts I made this year. It is for my sweet nephew. An art pouch to go with his quilted notebook cover. I hope he likes to daw as much as my kids do!

Here is my son and my dad. Sam and Sam. I think they look alike.

My mom looks great too. I tell you there was a span of time there a couple months ago I thought I would never get to see here again. This is one strong woman. 2012 has been rough on her. A foot surgery, brain surgery and a rotator cuff repair (that will have to be redone when they return to NC in January).

I ordered some lovely new notions and a little pack of Liberty of London fabric for mom so when she is ready to return to quilting she will have the very best supplies to work with. I ordered this gift from Purl Patchwork. 

My dad decided that my 7 year old needed to have a pirate sword. A real one.

But Stu and I got shotguns....we will be ready for the next family fun shoot on post. Watch out skeet here we come!

My little sister loved her quilt. Mom pieced it and I quilted it.

I spent a ton of time here in front of the stove this Christmas....but the meals have been fantastic, I have but on some winter weight and it has been great getting to chat with my family.

Here are my wonderful parents. I love you guys.

Each of the kids got lots of target practice has been happening

We have had a blast but we missed my older sister Malia and her little son. I have also missed my sewing machines, but they will be there when my guests leave me.

I pray you have a lovely holiday, may your new year be a blessed one. I have big plans for 2013 and I can't wait to share them with you.


cindi said...

just found your blog and love your bags. i spent some time reading your blog posts and love the bags you make. i saw that you are going to be doing patterns. how exciting! with 2 sons, a husband and daughter-in-law serving in the military, i am a very proud military mom and wife. would love to make a couple of these bags. i am currently working on a quilt for my dil using my sons acus. she is currently in afghanistan and i want to ship it to her. man, these acus have travelled... the stories they could tell. from texas to hawaii to iraq and now going to afghanistan. keep me on your list for those patterns when they become available.

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