Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mi Casa es Su Casa....or Quilt block #3 - House blocks

Good Morning!

So are you ready to make some houses? Houses are so very easy and fun. What I like to do is sew like my fabric is construction paper. Just cut out shapes and sew them together. Keep in mind that your finished block should be 6 inches. So these are pretty small dwellings. In several of my houses I just added on a strip or two of fabric to make them the right size.

So you will need a roof part , and a house part (which you will sew together) and a door or window. The first house I made I pieced the door....but it looked too stiff and uninviting. Not the feeling I was going for. I want my houses to be warm and friendly. So I just cut out little shapes for the windows and doors and raw edge appliqued them on. Yeah...there is some fray to the fabric, but that is fine. I would have preferred to use black thread for the raw edge applique, but I didn't feel like changing out my thread, so grey it is. I also decided to use mostly white for my background in all the house blocks. You feel free to do it how ever you want.

Here are the 6 houses I made. They look like crazy little Harry Potter houses, but I love them. It took me about 45 minutes to make all 6. I used scrap pieces from the other blocks we made with the exception of the white. You will be trimming down when you are finished with your block, so don't worry about the top part (the roof and sky) being bigger then the house part (the house and air and grass).
Have fun and I want to see pictures mom! I know you are saying you are working on your blocks, but I have only seen the log cabins.
So, I need to go get ready for Zumba. Have any of you tried it? I feel like I am going clubbing with my little sister in Honduras again. Gosh I love it! It has been a couple years since I had regular fat burning exercise and I can really tell a difference with my jiggle. I have been doing power yoga too and that is kicking my behind. literally. My hamstrings were so tight and sore this morning I had an Aleve before I even had a cup of coffee. But my arms and chest are feeling nice a strong again. Since we are living on/near an Air Force base we can take all the classes we want at the gym for free. No child care, but I don't need that anymore now do I?
Oh and the kids are enjoying school. Poor Ethan came home with over an hour of homework yesterday. That was one heck of a wake up for both of us. Emma and Sam were happily singing through their work, but Ethan was miserable. My poor little lefty. Dad I will be so happy for you to show him how you write so his grip will get more comfortable.
OK, I am getting off track with the crafty blog! Have a great afternoon!


Stephanie Hughes said...

Tia, I love your houses. These are just adorable. Steph

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hello Tia, sorry I wrote your name lasta time Tiia! Great, funny houses, I love houses! Wishes Teje

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