Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Middle Man

Good Morning! Yesterday was my middle Man's birthday. He is 10 years old. 10 Years old is a big birthday among Army Brat kiddos. They get an ID card when they turn 10. That is a big deal. For my kids entire life they have watched Stu and I show our card to do just about anything on the military compounds that we have lived on over their lives. To get on post, to go shopping to see the doctor to get get in special buildings...everything requires a display of an ID card. Well, Where does on keep an ID card? In a cool wallet of course! Ethan and I looked and looked for a wallet for him. I was disgusted by the "craftsmanship" and materials of the wallets we found, so I went home and made one. Actually this happened years ago. My husband carries one of my wallets, I carry one and I made one for my dad. They are the easiest things to make and are so simple and functional.

Birthday traditions are pretty simple around here. Whoever the birthday person is picks out their special meal and they get a cake. Ethan choose Steak, potatoes and grilled Bok Choy. It was pretty good. March has 2 birthdays 3 days apart, so the boys get a party together. Low key. Sam ( my youngest) has already put his order in for Sushi.

I know the pictures aren't great, but I was a fool and used top secret special fabric that I can't show until next month. You can go look at Carrie's blog (SuchitySuch) and get an idea of the fabric she gave me to make some things with for her. It is named Collage. It is pretty awesome.  I will go find Sam's wallet so you can see the structure of the item. I plan to make a tutorial for a simple leather wallet, but that may not happen until tomorrow. I have too many things to do today. Not the least of which is getting ready for another birthday and a birthday party on Saturday.

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Nurse Vicki said...

I just found your blog through a couple of other blogs i had stumbled on. I so get the ID thing ,I am a Military brat as well as raised my own military brats and you are right 10 was a big deal in military world. For me it was the first time i could go into the commisary with my mom. Hope your son has a wonderful birthday and i am looking forward to seeing more on your blog your stuff is wonderful

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