Friday, March 15, 2013

Wolons Molly and zip wallet

Hey there! I feel like I haven't made a Camp Follower Bag in Ages! It has been a long time. But I have been quilting lots and lots of quilts for folks. I sure love my job.

OK, lets talk about this order for a second. The request was to make a Molly purse out of both the green flight suit and the gray ACU.

I love this size zip bag. It can act as a clutch or a project bag for little hand stitching or a place to keep tech chargers while traveling....I have zillions of them around the house and I forget what is in each one so it is a little surprise when I find one under the couch...Ah ha! There is my lipstick.

I utilized on of the leg pockets for this Molly (just like almost any other Molly I make)

Airborne, air assault and flight wings on the side

Inside are 2 generous pockets


This one has a pen pocket (Mighty Pen).

OK, folks. The kids start their spring break tomorrow, so I will be busy for a while keeping my children entertained and mentally stimulated. I hope you all have a great spring break in your neck of the woods and find time for some sewing!



Kristin L said...

Great job with the colors on this pair!

Jenny said...

i love these bags Tia...i just checked out your etsy shop and you don't currently have any Molly bags for sale...when you have a minute, will you email me with costs etc...I have a friend, married to an Army Colonel celebrating a birthday soon that might need something special made bby you!

Anonymous said...

such a great bag!
have a good spring break

Thia Fashion said...

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Unknown said...

Perfect bag indeed! Size, shape and the color is magnificent! I would love to have it in my wardrobe. Yesterday I bought a tory burch purse for my mother and was finding something good for myself too.

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