Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ask, and you shall recieve!

Wow...the biggest box arrived in the mail for me today. As the mail man was hefting it over the counter towards me I was wondering what in the heck I had bought. Had some crazy, late night Internet shopping spree fantasy (where you fill your basket up brim full with wonderful things, then close the page before you actually go to checkout) gone horribly wrong? Did I in fact purchase what was in that really big box? Oh, I hope not. Then I noticed the word "Donations" written all over the box. Surprised I missed that, but there you go.
A couple weeks ago I contacted Westminster Fibers and told them that I made bags for new widows. I asked if they ever gave fabric to nonprofit organizations. I do not charge the ladies for the "Hero Bags" all they have to do is send me their husband's (or children's as the case may be)Uniform correlating to the type bag they want. Then they pick out what fabric they want. I do the rest. I try my best to have them finished in a fair amount of time. I move these very special ladies up to the front of my sometimes very daunting line.
When I wrote to Westminster, Sarah Amrhein gave me an answer even before I went to bed. She said her company would put a box together for me. I expected to get remnants...scraps. Stuff I would sew together and make work. I did not get scraps. She sent me a box of full yardage. There are 9 different prints and at my very rough estimation it must be about 70 yards of fabric. I want to sit here and have a little cry. This is really beautiful fabric, Kaffe Fassett. It would cost me about $40 a yard here (Australian Dollars).
Due to where we are now living I can not take near the amount of orders I used to accept, so obviously I am not bringing in the $$$ I used to bring in. I have many plans for this fabric...maybe I will now be able to reach out to more widows...my own little Camp Follower Bag Cause....
Let me now give a BIGGGGGG THANK YOU!!!! to Westminster Fabric!You have my eternal gratitude and that of the ladies I sew for!

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