Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Friday I got a wonderful little packet from Purl Soho....it came much sooner than normal and was packed different, but I didn't think anything really about it. Until I opened it. Dear Heaven, two large pieces of Liberty of London! I know I didn't order them and I really do not want to deal with the temptation of sending them back or keeping them! I had ordered some really wonderful Kokka prints for some ideas for new bags and I though at first it had been an mix up. But them I read the very wonderful note that came along with the fabric and a gift certificate for more fabric! Holy Cow! How splendid!

I had written them too a couple weeks ago and said that I loved their shop and loved surfing through their beautiful fabric (if you are a fabric junkie, or just love the Internet do go to their store, I LOVE it http://www.purlsoho.com/). I do it often when I am working on a really sad "Hero Bag". The "Hero Bags" are my favorite in that they really challenge me. They are so sad to make. I can hold this old set of ACUs or BDUs and I can smell the man who wore them. I know I am smelling a ghost . It is not that I am upset about being close the this essence of a man who is no longer walking the Earth, but I am upset that it is me that is getting to be with this man and not the woman who loved him so much. So, sometimes when I am pressing the uniform and his scent begins to emerge from the shirt, I say a pray for his soul and his family, then I leave the sewing room and go wonder aimlessly through the beauty and happiness of Purl Patchwork. When I feel like returning to my sad bags I go back with a renewed sense of purpose. I hope the "Hero Bags" are able to bring some comfort.

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