Saturday, July 14, 2007

Welcome back Berninas!

Wow, I missed you ladies! My machines are back with me working away like brand new...nicely lubricated, and tight stitches. I was pleasantly surprised with his ability. He even buffed out the throat plate, where I had shattered so many needles in the past. I have not posted in so long because I have been sewing like a woman possessed. Our mail has not been arriving on a regular basis, which is very frustrating. Ladies if you have sent me your tops (or bottoms) and I have not emailed you, they are probably on back log in Sydney. The APO is the highlight of my day is a thrill to see what made it through running some sort of gauntlet. I will let you know when I get your stuff.

So I got a new delivery of fabric....Joel Dewberry. And Welcome to you! I ordered 1/2 yard of 20 different prints. It is nice, I look foreword to using it. He has some very nice earth tones that will go brilliantly with BDU, DCU AND ACU. My Nigella is on the way too! I am soooo excited about Amy Butler's new line. I ordered a ton of it, both through normal retail online shops and my fabric co op (FMBG). I think it is what I will be using for Christmas bags. Amy will always be my first choice of designers. She has such grace, and dignity with her art. I just love it! Amy, I am your biggest fan in Australia! I just try not to be weird about it!
This is just a quick post, we are going to clean the house today and I am going to SEW SEW SEW! Oh it is Camel Cup weekend is a big race with camels instead of horses. And this weekend there are going to be protests by the aboriginies about something...I think they are pretty upset about the fact that Alice is now dry. No drinking outside anymore.
Last night I met some really impressive Aboriginies. They were all from tribes to the North. Very sharp fellows, they were assigned to NORFORCE and brought in to take care of some rather unsavory business with some of the tribes in the Alice area. Mom, Dad, I will tell you all about it later! Cheers yall!

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