Monday, August 13, 2007

A bit of Fun

I made these little coasters for a lady I have made several things for. They are super simple, but will save many a table top from the dreaded moisture ring. I have them scattered all over my house.
You barely need any fabric at all. Scraps from favorite projects work nicely. I had two good sized pieces from recent quilts. I cut them both into 5x25 inch rectangles, batted them with my standby 100% cotton batting (I think this was the new Tuscany batting from Hobbs. Very nice drape and a nice, consistent thickness throughout. It is comparable to quilters Dream, very nice) Anyway, I doubled up a matching size of batting and layered the "sandwich" then quilted it all down. After It was quilted I trimmed it all up with the rotary cutter and cut 4 5" squares. I zig zagged around the outside of the squares and bam! 4 coasters, bring on the lemony iced tea!

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