Monday, August 27, 2007

I am back and sewing again!

Well, we are back from the beach. It was WONDERFUL. I wish we were still there. I worked on my new website while I was there, so hopefully Marnie will be able to get it up and going soon. If you are interested, I hate Go Daddy. That is my current Internet host. It is basically impossible to understand so I can't update my site like I need to. Most of the information is out dated...I will have a new look and I will be able to list the bags I am working on so ladies can know where they are on my list of bags.
As it is, I am still working away on bags and two quilts. I thought I was going to knock out a bunch right before we went on our vacation, but we all caught the Flu and were sick as dogs for about 10 days. That is certainly a downside to moving. If you have little kids you get to catch all the viruses going around. Especially here in Alice Springs. The Australian government is bringing in the Aborigines from distant camps and they are bringing all their creepy third world viruses to the grocery store. Where my kids and I pick them up. A couple months ago I thought I was having heart attacks, and after spending time at the local hospital having stress tests and EKGs I found out it was a pericardial virus, that was causing swelling in the lining of my heart. Oh great. But at least I am not dead.;o)
But life is good right now and I am having some really wonderful inspiration....and I have some great new bags to introduce on my new website! Cheers you all!

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