Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hero Bags

I made this bag for an incredible lady. Despite her grief she always lifted my spirit when we corresponded. I wish I could have met her under different circumstances.

"COL Harrison was killed by small arms fire May 6 at the Pol-E-Charki Prison in Kabul, Afghanistan.

A devoted husband, father, son and Soldier, Colonel Harrison embodied the ethos of "Duty, Honor, Country."_He was committed to the mission of the United States in Afghanistan and spoke with great pride about the accomplishments of the men and women with which he served. Colonel Harrison died serving the country he loved, but his spirit and dedication lives on with those of us who knew, loved and served with him." Taken from the Leavenworth Lamp

I have 3 more sets of "Hero Bags" to work on from different widows. I have been reflecting on grief and loss and the age old question of what is better "to have loved and lost or to never have loved at all"

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