Monday, October 1, 2007

Norberta is Complete!

This is where the magic happened....Well I won't really say Magic, but it was a feat unlike any I have attempted before. Not so much the quilting, but the weight of the quilt. The only batting I had big enough was the Deluxe Cotton Dream from Purl Patchwork. That batting is glorious, but dear Heaven is it heavy! I think the finished quilt weighs about 40 pounds (that may only be a slight exaggeration). My wonderful Mom, who has been sewing since she was a little girl has recently taken up quilting. I am so excited for her. It is such a wonderful outlet for art and her beautiful style. She sent me a queen sized quilt top to quilt up for her. I am so thrilled to do it, but I have never tackled anything so large before. I needed to do a test run before I began work on hers. I have no problem messing up and trying to rescue my quilting, but I didn't want to take the chance on her quilt. So I gave Norberta the chance to be my guinea pig. It was a battle, but I think she turned out OK. Mom's quilt will be with the Select weight Cotton Dream makes, so it will not weigh a ton like Norberta does. We are going to try to sell Mom's quilt in my Hyena Cart shop when I am finished doing the quilting....It is going to be lovely!

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