Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to Business!

HI Everyone, we are back. The surgery went great and Adelaide is my new favorite city. I don't know if I am just isolated her in the Red Center....but the shopping in Adelaide was so wonderful that I ended up not buying very much of anything. I got a box (pretty big one) of handmade chocolates that remind me of Brugge, Belgium. I also purchased some some goodies for the kiddos, but other that that it was just sensory overload.I felt like the country cousin come to town...looking around with big eyes. You gotta realize that when I go shopping I go to Woolies (the grocery store...similar to a HEB or Ingles) pretty low end as far as my previous standards go, oh and when I really need to find something exotic or feel like treating myself to something special I go to Kmart. Yep you read that right. I cringe when I read that. But it is the truth. There is no shopping in this little town. The fruit is a massive fig from my back yard and the wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Coonawarra region. Very nice, but I didn't have any until I finished with the bags for the day. Makes Dinner preparation a little more relaxing.

OK....onto exciting business...

I did alot of work today. I cut 18 uniforms. That will be about 24 bags....don't try to count up on the list over there <- Some are Hero Bags and I don't list them. There are uniforms from the Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard, I even have an Aussie Army uniform to work on.

I am working on something for a very special lady...your Soldier loves you very much. He wrote me from Baghdad to special order something for you. Yep...no way I could turn him down. Too sweet.

OK, one more thing. Would any of you ladies be interested in a tutorial on how to make these wild little bags of mine? Are you a crafty gal? Do you think you can do this? I was thinking of posting a little tutorial on maybe the Cathy bag...let me know what you think and I will do one up. Good practice for my book deal! ha.

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