Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh, how I love ENJO!

I have a new favorite tool. Well, besides my wonderful Bernina Sewing machine and rotary cutter. I have discovered ENJO. To me it is all new, you may be old hand at it. But I am pretty excited about it. That little hyper link is to the Australian site, I like it better than the US one. Basically, ENJO is fiber-based cleaning products. Using these little microfiber clothes and mitts you can eliminate up to 90% of household cleaning chemicals. Yeah Earth! Save the know all that jazz, but it works so fine. I have been cleaning all the windows and mirrors in my house with this squidgy thing and I love the Bathroom mitt. My little men can really make a nasty mess around the "potty" (I have stood there wondering how in the hell can someone so short get pee up that high?) The bathroom receives daily cleanings....gross. But at least now it is a little quicker. Oh and happily enough I am having a little home ENJO party, so if you need to clean....give me a buzz and I will put an order in for you. My windows are so clean....I have cleaned off the red dessert dust and Galah body smudges..and about a zillion grubby little hand and paw prints. I can see out beautifully!

1 comment:

Tif said...

bathrooms are yuckiest places to clean! ever! if enjo is my solution, lead me to it woman!

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