Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dr Mom.

With everything else going on last week, Ethan decided to go for a bike ride without his helmet. He busted his scalp open and was bleeding like mad. Well, most of us know how head wounds bleed, and his was doing just that. Dinner was almost ready, so I really didn't want to drag 3 hungry kids to the nasty ER, so I scooted over dinner. Had my little nurse go get a pillow and the clippers. Ethan laid down on the counter, and I shaved the wounded area, cleaned the laceration and taped it up with Steri strips. I dressed the wound, and cleaned up the mess. Bamm! it all happened in about 10 minutes. Then we all had dinner. I did take him into the clinic for a wound check the next day but it looked great. Have I mentioned how unimpressed I am with this hospital? Well I am. Hey....I am a licensed RN. I know I am hard to please, and I decided I would do a better job with FAR less wait that the local ER could. I have worked ER in the past so I did know what I was doing. In a normal situation I would ALWAYS recommend YOU take you child to the ER. I would have too if he would have shown any Neuro complications. But he didn't and he will have a nifty scar to show his friends. The picture is a couple days later with 2 of the steri strips missing. It is healing very nicely.

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natesgirl said...

ugh as a mom my heart sunk... and I used to be a nurse too

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