Wednesday, February 6, 2008

oh there I am....

Emily at Joyful Abode did a little posting on my Creative Space. Oh la TV, sorry gals, I am not that special.

that is the link to go see where I make your bags and quilts. She should have a picture up of the table now...that is what it looks like when I am really sewing my fanny off...well I didn't want to look messy. It is organized mess, most is batting and extra uniform. I do keep the bits for ladies who are return customers, and yes, normally I do know the uniforms apart...traces of where the patches were and all that. I just got a Marine desert BDU....that is the coolest darn uniform. What a sensible design. The Marines do have the best uniforms. Did you know that a Marine took me to my high school Jr/Sr in Honduras? Yep...Mike the Marine. I selected him from the embassy line up. What a fine specimen. I had the best date at the prom and my dad secured him for me. I prefer my husband of course to him, but at the What 15 year old girngo would want to go to the dance with the most handsome other gringo in the capital of Honduras?
I am still expirmenting with the multiple pictures...but when I do figure it out watchout! Ok...we are running late to school (as usual) I think the kids are all getting ready to flare up in "the funk" after their first week back at school they have all shared their germs. Ethan (the middle man) just demonstrated a right proper snot rocket, his dad would be so proud. I am pretty revolted.

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