Monday, March 3, 2008

Watch Out Project Runway!

My mom and I were IM'ing this morning and she was showing me some fabric for a new dress she is going to make. My mom is a great seamstress. Always has been. Well now that I am here in the middle of nowhere I have decided to branch out a bit and teach myself to make a dress or two. Well, last month I worked on the one above. Not too bad from this angle and the fabric is great. It is a Linen I got from with pear branches along the top and bottom boarder.
This is the book I got the pattern from....yes, I am aware it is in Japanese. No, I do not speak or read a lick of Japanese. Maybe I missed a few key words. I do need to add that the pear dress is the second I made. The first one was just blue. I figured those little Japanese ladies modeling in the book are probably smaller than me, so I took it upon myself to make the measurements bigger. The dress was massive. My husband started laughing when he saw me in it. He is normally very supportive of me and my sewing endeavors, but I guess it caught him off guard. Now I wear it when I am mad at him.
See she is laughing at me. I guess I am too.
Maybe in Japanese print it mentions the really, really, really high slit one must incorporate into the design to be able to walk. But then again, maybe I measured incorrectly. I guess it is back to the drawing board with this one. I told my mom, my hips were too big for the dress, and she wanted me to model it so she could see too (the wonders of IMing with webcams). She laughed at me too. Leave it to moms and husbands to be honest with you.

I am up to my forehead in nasty laundry. My daughter preformed a Vomit Miracle last night. Somehow a 6.5 year old female child can regurgitate enough emesis to coat her sheets, mattress, 4 quilts, all her stuffed animals, pillow, wall, floor under the bed, and bedside table. Her entire head and hair was saturated. It looked (when she came creeping into our bedroom right after I turned off the light, after tucking Marcus Lutrell ((of "Lone Survivor", or as my husband refers to him "my fat Seal" )) in on a mountainside in the Hindu Kush) like some madman had dumped a very large bucket of vomit all over her head. My husband, one of the lightest sleepers I know, conveniently was unable to be woken to assist in clean up efforts.

I will be wearing the ugly blue dress when he gets home from work today.

OK, that is enough for today. Don't forget to comment in the Free Bag post to win a bag.


natesgirl said...

hmmm i love LOVE that empire waisted dress ... hmmm are you going to start stocking dresses???

man those Japanese women sure do show a lot of leg (;-)

Tif said...

oh no, poor Emma! Sweet are one patient mama. (((HUGS)))

and woohoo, look at that slit! LOL . has dean seen it? i don't think he'll want you to change that feature ;) (am i allowed to say that on your blog? hehe)

bettyninja said...

That is so funny from natesgirl. I really give you credit for giving this dress a whirl. We all have projects that um kind of turn out different than expected right? Laughter from the hubby usually gives it away.

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