Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Cup Runnith Over

My new Amy Butler Midwest Modern in the pinks. LOVE it! And I have SOOOOO much of it. Let me know if you want to change your fabric to any of this.

This has been a very very wild week for my little family and my little sewing gig. It feels like just yesterday I re-opened for more custom orders and now my sewing position is utterly over run. When on Earth did this all happen? And did I REALLY think I would be able to meet a 3 week turn around? Wow. What the Heck was I thinking? So I am again closed for more orders. I anticipate opening up again after August. Why so long? Well in July we will be taking our R&R and I hope to spend a good part of it sitting on a quiet beach somewhere with the kids playing in the surf and me with a great book. Maybe it will be getting ready to rain as well. I really miss the rain.

I finished my "World Peace" quilt. I love it. What a great collection by Amy Butler. I got my big shipment of it, so I am ready to make bags with it. So if you are one of the ladies who I have already taken an order from, and I have your husband's uniform, and you are on the fence with bag fabric, look at the first picture and let me know what you think. I think the pinks are so pretty. I have two Hero quilts planned with them. I have been waiting for E. Spence's bags and her daughter's quilt for this shipment. Finally it is here so I can get to work on it. Well on it and all the other bags I have in line.
Speaking of quilts....I will be busy on a nice project for E. Hoover. She commissioned me for a memory quilt, and I started that yesterday. I look at my schedule right now and kinda quiver. There is so much on it! When does this sort of thing happen? How do we go from happily splashing in the waves to being almost pulled under by the tide?
I am asking for your patience right now. I am very swamped with bags, kids, husband, life in general. I have not forgotten any of you and I am working on your bags as much as possible. I will not be doing the long wonderful emails this week so I can dedicate my time to sewing. I do not send out progress pictures. That takes way too much time away from sewing, and frankly I really do not see the point to me sending you a picture of a pile of uniforms and fabric. I will send you a picture when I have finished working on your bag and am ready to mail it out to you, that is when I do the picutures. If this is a problem for you, please let me know and I will refund your money and send your uniform back. I just can't do that right now.
My husband left for another TDY this morning. He will not be gone that long, but it is always stressful to revert to single mom with 3 little kiddos. I am kinda anxious to see what kind of weirdo turns up on my front porch this time. It was the bird man last time....always an adventure. We went to a ball last night, and I am always stunned how the weather here just goes from being HOT HOT HOT to suddenly being cold. I had on my pretty green silk dress and at the last moment grabbed a wrap on the way out the door. Thank goodness I did. It was so darn cold. Next ball (in August, right?) I will be making a warmer wrap.

OK...this is a pocket panel. I LOVE them on the bags I am making for diaper bags. If you want one added to your order, let me know and I will do it. I think they break up the "solid" print inside the bag and really give each bag so much character.
So...happy Military Spouses Day (yesterday) and Happy Mother's Day today! I hope you all get breakfast in bed and a nice back rub....or at least your children don't jump off the slide and bite through their lower lip like my 3 year old did as soon as we got back from dropping daddy off at the airport. I guess the kids thought I needed to earn the breakfast in bed they made me this morning.
I am sure this is very patchy....and may not flow well, but I am so sleepy. And I think my bed is full of my wonderful little children, so I am off to see who is sleeping the hardest and move them to their own bed.
Good Night, God Bless you all!


The Army of Four said...

LOVE that pocket panel! What a nice touch! And your quilt is really beautiful!
Oooooh, new fabrics! :) Too fun.
Happy Mom's Day!

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

The quilt really is gorgeous and I can't get over how consistently you can freehand sew. Now that I'm trying it - its HARD.

Heavenly Blossom said...

I LOVE that pocket panel! It's gorgeous and I love those fabrics on it too. As for the fabrics at the top...I've been starring at them for days, and just ordered some to make a bag for my friend. I'm totally up for changing my fabrics to some amy butler pinks, lol. i'll email you :)

Tif said...


Anonymous said...

that last line made me chuckle we do the same thing here, who is sleeping the hardest and less likely to return in five minutes they are the one that goes!

The Jen said...

Absolutely beautiful quilt. I've been following the World Peace photos over on flickr. Very cool. Your Amy Butlers look lovely as well. Color me jealous. =) ~jen~

bettyninja said...

I love your blue quilt with circles. Amazing. Do you mind if I ask how you did your circles? They look so nice and flat and round. I really have difficulty doing circles myself. Was it interfacing?

the Campfollower said...

Thank you all so much....I feel odd commenting on my own posts, but I guess this is the best way, maybe? OK, Bettyninja, I have had lots of luck with just top stitching the circles down I go slow and do a great deal of smoothing as I go. Then quilt the heck out of them in spirals to keep them from fraying off. But now that I have washed it 2 times I LOVE the is very subtle and gives the quilt a great texture. Maybe I need to take another picture after it has been washed and dried a couple times. I love it so much more now.

Oh well, thanks again! Oh I don't use interfacing because I can't find any I like here. There are some crappy products in town. But I live in the boonies.

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