Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a Great Class!

OK, I had a great time today. My little class was scheduled to go from 0900 to 1200, but in actuality it went to 1800. Yep, some ladies didn't want to leave. That was fine with me because it was so exciting watching their bags come together. I made 2 of the ones above as "samples" for the class (I will probably be giving away one or both of them in an upcoming post, let me know if you want one of them.). Basically I wanted the ladies to learn fabric selection, cutting, piecing, stacking and quilting. Then sewing the finished bag together. We dumped 2 big bags and 1 very big tub of fabric out into an empty room and that was where it all began. Toss back a mimosa to get the creative juices flowing a bit, and some of the best cinnamon rolls and apple crumble, and you can't help but have a great day. My "students" really selected some beautiful combinations and have some great bags, or will have some great bags when they are finished!
I did come home to a nasty clogged kitchen sink, and since my mate was away and housing was closed I did the next best thing and called my Husband's NCOIC. In true senior enlisted fashion he didn't even hesitate when he rolled up his sleeves and became a plumber. 2 of my 3 kids were giving him advice on how to fix the sink and remove the raunchy noodles that were clogging the u-bend while I unloaded the truck of my sewing gear and Sam (the youngest) collapsed on the floor Pulled my world peace quilt up over his head and promptly went to sleep. Thanks Dan! I owe you some cookies!
I am thrilled to announce that My kitchen is clean, my sewing studio is tidy, all 3 kiddos are safely snugged in bed, and I can't wait to get sewing in the morning. There is nothing to get my creative energy pulsing stronger than watching ladies be excited to learn something new and create lovely things just for themselves. I am so happy that everyone came today. I had a great time with you all! Thank you so much. Now, next weekend we will finish up bags for those of you who didn't want to pull an entire shift at the sewing class. For Tara and Wendy, you two get to start your lap quilts. Be thinking of what you want it to look like. Have a mental image and we can go from there. Might I suggest going through your kids clothes and adding an element of clothes that have been out grown. Something special that has meaning and memories associated to it. You can do a great deal with a shirt or skirt. If you want at the scrap bags ahead of time let me know and I will open up the house.
I am back in a good mood again, I am sorry about the funk I have been in. I just felt like I was drowning under some of my self induced burdens. But I have taken care of them and am quite happy with the results. I am fine now, so you may email again at will again! I really do love hearing from you. A couple of you have had your babies already... I keep wondering where in the heck the time has gone. But such is life. Congratulations on your wonderful little babies. I have a ton of bags on the table right now in mostly ready states, I need to update my list over there, and finish up a couple diaper changing pads but I am too tired right now. Tomorrow! I really need to hire someone to help out. Emails alone are an all day thing...but I love the emails. I don't want to give that up. Why can't I just clone myself or add a couple more hours to the day? How do real business women do it?
Sleep well everyone, or have a great day depending on where you are. Mom and Dad (in Alaska) It is bright all night here too, but it is the moon and Stars that shine in my windows and we don't have chunks of ice floating in our river....well we don't even have water in our river, but we do have a couple burning cars smoldering there from time to time. But your mountains look stunning. We may still try to swing by on our R&R. I guess I better get on that planning.


The Army of Four said...

Very cute bags and it sounds like your class was a blast!
Any chance of an on-line tutorial? In your "spare time", right? LOL!

Heavenly Blossom said...

I'm so glad your class went well! I'm sure it was a BLAST! :) Glad you're feeling better too! I like that little bag with the tree fabric...cute!

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

You do sound happier. ☺ That makes me smile. I think this next week will be a better week all around. It must be in the stars.

SewAmy said...

love your bags and your blog. wish I could take a class from you. Keep up the wonderful work.

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