Friday, May 23, 2008

What's up with my Flickr Gallery?

Some of you may be asking yourselves, "What is up with Tia's Flickr Gallery? Why Can't I see her pretty bags and sewing anymore?" Well, it saddens me to admit it, but there were some terrible gals out there that were using MY pictures from flickr as THEIR advertising. Gaggo! I can't tell you how violated I feel at the moment. I am not going to put their sites on my blog because I feel that is beneath me. I have more dignity than that. But those ladies who are using MY work as THEIR advertisement better get with the program and remove my pictures. I have a wonderful fellow Camp Follower who is my Lawyer and she has some wisdom for you.

OK. I am happy that is off my chest. Yuck, I just can't tolerate thieves on any level. There is a difference between being inspired by my work and trying it for yourself, and outright down loading my pictures and uploading them on your site, pretending that you did the work. I remember Every bag I have ever made and each lady I have sewn for. I am like Olivander on Harry Potter (the wand maker...but I make bags). Don't steal my stuff and think I won't notice. My family is the Military. I have brothers and sisters all over the Earth. I will find out. You are NOT welcome to impersonate me.

OK with this dirty business out of the way, I have one more thing to say. I want you to look at my Flickr Gallery. I have some GREAT bags and quilts to look at and show off. I love each and every bag and quilt I have made. In order for you to see my gallery You need to be one of my contacts. Shoot me a Flicker Mail and I will be thrilled to add you to my contact list. You will need a Flickr account, but they are free to set up and fairly simple to understand. Please email me if you have questions. I am back to emailing again. I feel that I am getting caught up pretty well so I have time again to chat. If I have lost you at some point over the last couple weeks, please email me again. I really do love and miss you all! I am also in the process of Water Marking my pictures. That may make a difference.

Here is one of my latest Elaine Wallets. I am testing this little wallet out, So I will randomly select 5 comments from this post and add this "Elaine Wallet" to your order. If you have not yet placed an order, or placed an order in the past and I select you, you can still have a wallet. See I am a friendly gal. I adore the little size. I hope you will too!

Here is my latest Diaper Changing pad. I LOVE this one. This was one BIG hunk of man. I trimmed down the top so much, but it still turned out big. Big but wonderful. I think this quilt/diaper changing pad/ wall hanging is one of my favorite so far. It has such great movement.

This is some fabric I have hand dyed for the Anniversary Quilt I am putting together this weekend. It is going to be a big tree with pictures and leaves....this is the sky. It is going to be awesome.

OK, a great deal of ugliness in this post, but lets all take a deep cleansing breath and only have good things to say from now on. Remember...I will randomly select 5 ladies to add a Elaine wallet to your order. You can test it out and let me know what you think.

Also do you think I should add testimonials to my website? I feel it is really vain to do so, but maybe it will make people be even more comfortable with me. I have always felt my work speaks for itself....but maybe a 1000 words would be acceptable.

***Update: One of the ladies came foreword apologizing for using my pictures. She claimed that her "friend" did it as she did not have any pictures of her bags. Humm. Well, there you go.


Dayna said...

Love the little Elaine purse! Sadly with the Internet photos and anything else out there can be swiped in less than a blink of an eye. Most of the time you will never know. Watermarking helps but won't stop those that are really intent.
I see nothing wrong with having a section of testimonials on your sight. You must receive thank you from people who love your bags. It is only fair that you share them with all of us.

Jacquie said...

I'm so sorry you had to deal with this. I just have one word...scum! I need to figure out the contact thing on flickr. I assume it will tell me how to do that.

heatherg said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous changing pad. I would most definitely use that as a wall hanging, or save it until done with diapers and then use it as a wall hanging. BEAUTIFUL!

I can't wait to see how my bag turns out.

Have a great day, Tia!

Oh and sorry for the snoozers stealing your pics.

Anina said...

I can't believe that people can do this kind of thing and live with themselves! I've heard of this happening to quite a few people. You should contact them and give them a piece of your mind.

The Army of Four said...

THAT'S a diaper changing pad? Holy smokes, I love it! I think your "diaper" bags and pads would be cool for picnic, you know? GORGEOUS!
Love that wallet, too!
I understand your displeasure with people taking your photos! TOTALLY! After warning someone in my on-line quilt group about taking pix of my dogs off the Ao4 Digest without my permission and posting them to the web, I caught her taking pix off my bag blog and posting them to the quilt group's page. Again, without asking. Needless to say, once she takes them DOWN as per my request, I'm quitting that group. I don't anger easily ... but TWICE?!!? Yeah, I'm not happy about it.
Thanks for the Flickr invite; I sent you one back. Your work truly inspires me.
I think a testimonials page is a cool idea! Your bags are so special - why not let everyone know how much your customers love them? And how much they mean to them!
Didn't mean to be so long! :)
Karen (and the Ao4)

Tif said...

oh, man :( that's awful tia...

sending you an IM...let's chat soon


Shelley said...

Tia, only happy upbeat thoughts here ... LOVE the little Elaine Wallet, its so stinkin' cute (not to mention the colors - pink & orange - it makes me think of sherbet)!! Would make a great change purse inside my big Stu Tote diaper bag!

As for testimonials ... 1000 words? Oh, we could write way more than that .... we love your exquisite artistry & workmanship and we love you!!

Still waiting for your Hood Sewing Class. FBC Killeen stopped their quilting classes for the summer, so I have to wait til September. So .... come home to TX (or for a visit), PLEASE?! Oh wait, I know .... you can write it off as a business expense if you come and teach a class!!!!!!! :o)

Heavenly Blossom said...

How horrible for someone to pretend that your lovely work is theirs! I can't imagine having the nerve to do that :( I hope you get that taken care of!

But....that wallet...that's adorable, :). I love looking through all your things you make. You're so inspiring!

Amanda ka USArmyWife1982 said...

love the wallet... I needa order some stuff from you very soon. Everytime i mean to, I get sidetracked and forget !

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

It's growing pains right? Or immitation is the highest form of flattery? Or wait... theft. ☺

There's only one Tia. I've looked at a fair amount of sites making bags over the last 24 hours to check on the state of things (to secure your goods) and I have to say - I can spot your stuff a mile away. There really is no comparison. (That's the testimonial part.) As far as ripping off photos trying to BE you. That won't stand and I think we've handled the issue this round. But in all seriousness, I'd like to SEE someone try and do the Tia's freehand determined meanandering stitch or whatever you've named it... try it... on a bag...through that many layers. I DARE you. (Or wait, maybe it's just me who can't do anything passable with a freehand yet.☺)

Jemimah said...

i just recently came across your blog and flickr page and i LOVE all your stuff! i am a "camp follower" as well and i love how you have incorporated that into your creations. love love love it all! can't wait to see who wins the drawing!
by the way yuck for those people! i can't believe people are like that. you are handeling way better that i would though. :)
thanks for the ispiration!

Elaine Evans said...

Hi, I am Elaine! I just wanted to say Tia surprised me with my wallet when she sent my bag. I love it! Hope you all like yours as well.

bettyninja said...

bummer about the yucky flickr stuff.

I am very intrigued by your hand dyeing and the anniversary quilt. i can't wait to see what you have imagined up this time.

Anonymous said...

People are so weird. Why do they have to ruin our fun? I freaked out about six months ago and made all my pictures private on flickr, then I figured out how to watermark and that has been some help. The feeling of violation when you see something you made or YOUR CHILD! On someone else's blog is overwhelming.

Rebecca said...

that diaper changing pad is super fabulous. omg, i love it. the fabrics, the colors, the pattern. it's just delicious!

Macy said...

Good for people to know.

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