Monday, June 9, 2008

All finished with the quilting.

Good Morning everyone and Happy Birthday to the Queen!

No is the Queen of England's birthday. I would never have known if it wasn't a big holiday down here in Australia, well really not "big", but it is a day off from school. In honor of the Queen we will be making Fairy Cakes (Cup Cakes, but I like the English name better and hence forth in our household they will be referred to as Fairy cakes)

I did something for the first time yesterday that I have never done before. I sewed right through my thumb. Yep....there I was just quilting away on the "Tree quilt" and all the sudden I felt this peculiar tugging and looked up to see the sewing machine needle come right out of my thumb. Oiy. It didn't really hurt at the time....more stunning than anything. I wondered out of my studio to show my husband my hurtie and he immediately halted dinner production to play doctor....don't tell him but I think all the mashing he did on it has caused more harm that good. He does love getting to be the doctor though, so like an idiot I let him press away on my poor thumb. I decided it was fine, happily took my glass of medicinal Cabernet Sauvignon and returned to complete my quilt! I am so thrilled to announce that the quilting is finished!

Today I bind it and tomorrow it should be in the mail!!! I do love this stage of a big project. Of course I also love getting back to my stack of bags. They are getting rowdy over there on the table.

Oh with all the rain (1 whole day of it) the power was in and out most of the morning. When the power was out I decided to tidy up the studio a bit. My friend Tambur came by for a bit and whenever friends come by I drag them on what I call my "quilt tour". I really don't do this to everyone, because I know some people will think I am a total freak to have all the fabric I have and all the projects I have going....but some ladies I do play show and tell with. Tambur is one. She just has such great taste and humors me by nodding along and petting my fabric. Above is one of my stacks of Lecien fabric. I have been collecting this for sometime....I really am almost at the point where I want to cut into it....but not quite there yet. I have ordered some more to add to the collection, but it is not here yet.

I am quite into "Indie" fabric designers at the moment. I am going to put a little list together over there-} so you can get to know these really clever ladies yourselves. I have ordered a bunch of different prints and I have really big plans for them. I won't be able to start on them until after we get back from R&R....but just so you know cool things are brewing in the middle of Australia!

This is one of the new prints I have purchased from daisyjanie. She has 2 blogs ( and and some really cute bags. I have 3 favorite Australian fabric designers too....they will be over there. After I get the rest of my fabric I will do a blog post on the brilliant qualities of each designer.

Here is a pretty vista of Heavitree gap here in lovely Alice Springs. See it is so cloudy and you can almost smell the eucalyptus and other-worldly scent that is the damp outback! Now, today it is bright and blue and not a cloud in the sky! The birds are having a concert outside the kitchen and it is just heaven. I wish you were here too! We could go pet fabric and make big exciting plans!

Well, I am off to bind a quilt and nurse my finger until the clinic opens tomorrow. It is pretty swollen this morning, so I think I am going to need some antibiotics. wop wop.

Talk to you soon!



Heavenly Blossom said...

We love to have a piece of you in our bags from you...but maybe your thumb isn't quite what we're hoping for? lol Hope it feels better soon!!!

the Campfollower said...

puts new meaning to "blood, sweat and tears" huh? But I didn't bleed all over my little masterpiece. Thank goodness!

Une Petite Etoile said...

Oh, honey....I came here after seeing the *amazing* final result on Flickr.

I went through the nail of my right forefinger once, and the machine was surreal, I was just frozen for a second looking at it. Had to use my left hand to reach across and manually raise the needle, lol.

Take care of yourself!

Shely W said...

Beautiful quilt!

Tambur said...

Awww, thanks for the compliment. By the way that is the purple for my that fabric. Will discuss more later....Sorry about your thumb. It didn't even slow you down tonight.


Tif said...

yowie for your finger!!! but i'm sure the wine helped ;)

love the quilt tia, it's beautiful!!!

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