Friday, June 13, 2008

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law- If things can go wrong, they will. I know that is not the exact version, but there it is in a nutshell. It really should be named "Tia's Law" or "Tia's Kids Law" Murphy must have dreamed of me...Anyway, I had such big plans today. Great BIG Sewing Plans! I made myself a nice cup of tea as soon as I got up and stood in my studio looking at my "working board" to see where I was on the bags I am working on and which bags may be finished enough to go out today....Ahhh I was going to be such a nice relaxing day at the sewing machine and table. How happy. Well that was as close as I got to the sewing machine. (I may try again after my daughter's restaurant day at school, who knows?).

Emma came sprinting down the hall announcing that she had to dress like a waitress today at school. Oh yeah...I remember her teacher mentioning something about that, but she didn't send home a note, so I think you still have to wear your uniform. Nope gotta wear a bow tie. What the heck? Who has bow ties? Well Daddy does. Yes for his mess are right. OK, lets get dressed. OH she looked so cute when I was done with her. My little tribe eats their breakfast and we all pile into the truck and are off. Well when we get to school Emma is the ONLY one dressed as a waitress. (kinda brought the "I am naked in high school nightmares" back to me) But I figured this would happen so her uniform was packed in her bag. Wow was she ticked off. No big thing, right?

Well as soon as I got home, made myself another cup of tea and started getting my gear out to really hop on the sewing wagon, I get a call from Ethan's teacher (preschool) and he took a tumble off the monkey bars, did an entire flip, hit face first then landed on his back. He isn't moving and they aren't going to do anything to him until I get there. Holy cow! Is he conscience? are his pupils equal and reactive to light??? Have you done a neuro check? DO you have ambulances in this town? Never mind I am on my way! I grab my pin light and medical case and dash out with Sam in tow.

He seems to be OK...pretty dinged up and really quite. I am observing him on the sofa since the doctor is leaving town this morning. We will go hang out with the Aborigines at the hospital if we need to, but so far so good.

Then after I got home, my friends called and need a ride to the Airport. Before we return to school to go to Emma's restaurant, with my Beat up 5 year old and opinionated Sam.

Ahhh....I am having my 4th cup of tea right now. I am trying to cut back on my caffeine. Oh well. What a day what a day. For having such big plans to sew and ship today I don't think it is going to happen. Oh and yesterday Emma got attacked by ants while in our fig tree. She was covered with welts, so I doped her up on benedryl yesterday. She is just itchy today. Sam had amazing vomit last I think it is either my or my husbands turn to have something bizarre happen to one of us. Nope, not my turn I sewed through my finger Sunday and had a spider bite on my eyelid. So I am good to go for a while. Watch out Stu! Does it come in cycles at your house too?

OK, onto some more projects. This is going to be a Hero Quilt for a little girl whose father was a Marine. It is going to be lovely and her daddy can still be held close by her little arms. I have 2 other Hero Quilts to work on after I finish this one. I swear I sob through all the quilting and creating of these projects. Did you know that there is an organization called Quilts of Valor? They make quilts and give them to injured service members. That is a good thing. I sew for the children and wives....they sew for the actual service members.

I will need a cheerful one after the Hero quilts, so I am going to use this fabric for the Doll Quilt Swap 4 I am participating in. The map on top is a map of Paris....I just LOVE it. The Bottom 3 are LEcien prints, I love the strawberries in the middle too. I am quite into red at the moment. I am thinking stripes and appliqued circles.

OK, gotta load the boys up and get back in the truck, my husband should be home soon!




Heavenly Blossom said...

My Goodness!!! I would have been worried to death! Leilani seems to just get bruises and scrapes that she "doesn't know" where they came from, lol. Your little group seems to just go all out on injuries though! lol Hope that's the last for a bit for you guys!

Rebecca said...

that Hero Quilt is a fabulous idea. wow. some young girl will be so happy to have that once you're done! and I LOVE the paris city street fabric. i had some long ago and looked for more bu never found it. lucky YOU!

Alycia said...

I think those fabrics will be perfect for your hero quilt. Thank you for doing this!

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