Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trephina Gorge & Compromised Email

HI Y'all,

I couldn't stand being in town another second, so we drove about an hour East to Trephina Gorge. I am all for wild life, but I swear the bugs in Australia really make adventure a pain in the heat of summer. If it wasn't rogue swarms of flies trying to explore my sinuses it was grass hoppers leaping in the windows of the truck and going up my skirt or down my shirt or where ever their creepy log legs would thrust them! I pulled a 6 inch grass hopper out of my bra (screaming all the while, I am pretty sure) in a moving truck (down a 4WD kangaroo track into the middle of the bush with grass about as tall as the truck on each side). I am pretty sure my husband was laughing at me, but he did so quietly, with his head turned away. The kids thought it was funny as hell too. In hindsight I should have rolled my window up sooner...but oh well, live and learn!

here is the road to the gorge. See how green everything is? This is due to all the rain we had last month. Yes that really is green...normally it is red.

This is a shot from the inside of the Ross River Resort. I am only calling it a resort because that is what the place is named...I wouldn't stay there unless my life depended on it, or I was being chased my more giant grass hoppers. That light at the end of the hall is sunlight coming in through the chimney. Pretty cool, hey? But we couldn't explore it that closely due to the brown snakes that live there (one of the most poisonous snakes in the country).

There is my little family walking down into the gorge.

There we are at the water hole. Then we came home...but first we tried to get out to John Hays rock hole, but too many grass hoppers leaping in the truck made it too horrible an experience.
OK, on a different note. My Email address has been compromised. I DO NOT know the secret of making you come every time, (well I do, but I would never send that out as a giant SPAM email to virtual strangers!) nor do I know how to make you score on every blind date. If you get an email from me saying I do know those secrets, they are SPAM....and I am sorry you are getting them! I mistakenly opened one from a friend and I guess it was then sent to all my address book.
OK, I am off to eat left overs, I will talk to you later!


Kristin L said...

Bummer about the email.

Your adventure sounds very cool though. Well, except for the giant grasshopper in the bra. I'd scream too!

Tambur said...


You were at our most favorite camping spot. We L-O-V-E Trafina gorge. A great day out. Miss that. Thanks for sharing.


Heavenly Blossom said...

Sounds like you had an exciting trip! lol Looks like it was fun though!

Sorry about your email! I used to use Yahoo, but once I got my mac, I went to all mac email and it's been a nice change! I HATE SPAM!

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